10 Tips on overcoming ageism or age discrimination while job hunting

Age discrimination

Job hunting can be both tedious and stressful, especially if you have a family depending on you. Generally, employers have historically shown a dislike for hiring older applicants, resulting in age discrimination. Some of the reasons why hiring managers tend to shy away from hiring older applicants are: Perceived overqualification: …

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Udemy brings new Badging offering and Integrated Skills Framework to future-proof workforce


Udemy (Nasdaq: UDMY) proudly announced availability of its new Badging offering. The capabilities were introduced as part of an Integrated Skills Framework methodology designed to help organisations make sense of the complex skills landscape so that they can future-proof their workforce and keep pace with innovation. Leveraging Udemy solutions, organisations will be able …

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Unlocking success: How to grow your medical business with AI

Medical business

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, leveraging AI technology has become a crucial factor in ensuring the growth and success of a medical business. As the demand for more efficient, accurate, and personalised healthcare solutions continues to rise, integrating AI into your medical practice can greatly enhance patient care, streamline …

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10 Things governments should do to encourage more remote work

More remote work

Promoting more remote work can have several benefits for lesser developed countries, including expanding economic opportunities, reducing urban congestion, reducing or eliminating the brain drain and fostering technological advancement. Since no industry advances in a vacuum, and most cases need a push start in the form of governmental policies. Here …

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