Cannabis wellness

How female consumers are reshaping the cannabis wellness industry

The emphasis on self-care fosters a supportive environment for exploring and adopting innovative and therapeutic practices. This surge in the self-care movement helped the cannabis wellness industry to prominence. Women, in particular, have played a role in shaping this terrain by embracing cannabis as a means of self-betterment.

The strong bond between women and cannabis remains profoundly impactful. This connection unfolds in various ways, uniquely influencing women across the globe.

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Their consumption habits vary widely, from choosing cheap shatter Canada to exploring the soothing effects of CBD oils for relaxation.

Therefore, the self-care boom is not just fuelling the growth of the cannabis wellness industry, it’s shaping its core values. This industry is becoming synonymous with personalised, natural, and holistic approaches to well-being, attracting individuals seeking innovative solutions on their self-care journeys.

Key takeaways:

  • Women are coming to terms with cannabis as a tool for wellness and are including it in more extensive self-care routines.
  • Non-toxic, plant-based alternatives to medical treatments are attracting women to consider cannabis as a viable option.
  • Women consumers find that marijuana helps them with their pain, mood swings, sleep disturbances, and anxiety.


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Women driving up the cannabis wellness industry

Mary Pryor, co-founder of Cannaclusive, a group advocating for inclusive portrayals of cannabis users, shared in an interview with NBC News that she turned to cannabis to alleviate symptoms of her Crohn’s disease.

After enduring the side effects of 20 medications, which rendered her in pain and confined at home for approximately a year, Pryor felt compelled to make a difficult decision: to rely on cannabis or continue enduring the misery induced by traditional medication.

Women are exploring cannabis as a potential remedy for their present circumstances. Sha’Carri Richardson faced repercussions like being disqualified from the Tokyo Olympics for testing positive. Richardson openly shared that she turned to cannabis to navigate the profound grief following her mother’s recent passing.

Women are consuming nearly as much cannabis as men, as reported by Cannatrack, Applied Knowledge’s cannabis consumption tracker. Over the span of October 2018 to September 2019, 33% of Canadian females consumed cannabis, nearly matching the 34% consumption rate among males.

Co-founders of the women-focussed cannabis magazine Miss Grass, Kate Miller and Anna Duckworth, stated on Forbes that women are looking for non-toxic, holistic, plant-based alternatives to medical treatments, and marijuana fits these needs.

Miller further notes that there’s a significant change underway in how individuals prioritise their well-being. Women, especially, are increasingly prioritising their health and recognising the role of cannabis in various aspects of their lives, from fitness to dietary choices.

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In what ways do women consume cannabis?

Skin care

Cannabis topicals offer a multitude of benefits for skincare. CBD topicals moisturise dry skin, promote cell rejuvenation, and address common skin concerns. Cannabis rich in Omega-3 fatty acids can diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Improving sleep

Women are more likely to experience sleep disruptions or disorders. Cannabis may accelerate the start of sleep and improve the continuity of sleep cycles by interacting with the ECS. Fortunately, the cannabis wellness industry is exploring potential solutions, and early research suggests cannabis may offer some hope for improving women’s sleep.

Sexual experience

According to a study conducted by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, numerous participants reported that cannabis contributed to relaxation, heightened sensitivity to touch, and intensified feelings. This research, along with various other studies, reinforces the significant impact cannabinoids have on our body’s responses, particularly in sexual contexts.

Through their interaction with endocannabinoid receptors in brain regions governing sexual and sensory functions, cannabinoids naturally enhance sexual pleasure.



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Menstrual cycle symptoms

A medical survey spearheaded by Harvard delved into the intricacies of menstrual cycle patterns. Among the participants who noted experiencing exacerbated PMS symptoms, a significant portion acknowledged resorting to cannabis as a means of relief.

The survey findings revealed that over 84% of respondents opted for smoking cannabis to alleviate their symptoms, with 78% turning to edibles and 53% utilising cannabis vape cartridges.

Women who participated in the survey shared that cannabis played a role in managing their pain, mood swings, sleep disturbances, and anxiety—issues commonly associated with pre-menstruation.

Cannabis to deepen meditation

Jessamyn Stanley shared with NBC News that she finds calm through a combination of cannabis and yoga. She believes her personal wellness routine deeply intertwines these two practices. Stanley noted that yoga fosters a profound connection with oneself. In parallel, cannabis serves as a catalyst for introspection.

Across centuries, Indian yogis consumed cannabis as a tool to enhance their meditative experiences. The harmonious interplay between heightened mental awareness and profound bodily relaxation presents an optimal setting for contemplative practice.

Cannabis can also enhance the experience of yoga and tai chi.

Helps in exercise routine and recovery

Cannabis not only facilitates the attainment of a flow state for athletes but also accelerates recovery, enhances body awareness, and adds an element of enjoyment to exercise. Many outdoor sports aficionados indulge in cannabis before engaging in activities.

Sativa-dominant strains provide an energising pre-workout enhancement, while Indica-dominant varieties offer a pathway to unwinding and relaxation after exercise.

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Ways women consume cannabis for their wellness

Cannabis presents itself in various forms to empower women to tailor their self-care practices to align with their individual preferences and requirements. Below are several prevalent approaches to cannabis consumption for self-care:

Inhalation through vaping or smoking stands as a widely embraced method.   It serves as a suitable option for immediate stress alleviation or anxiety mitigation.Cannabis-infused edibles offer a discreet and convenient consumption avenue.   Edibles deliver a prolonged and gradual impact that is well-suited for sustained relaxation.Direct application of cannabis-infused lotions, creams, and oils onto the skin provides targeted pain relief and relaxation.   Topicals alleviate menstrual cramps and soothe tired muscles effectively.Liquid cannabis extracts, known as tinctures, can be ingested orally or incorporated into food and drinks.   They are easy to administer and manage the dosage.


Women are consuming marijuana at higher rates than in previous times, thus driving the demand for more unique products. Women are increasingly turning to companies that understand and embrace the evolving role of marijuana in their lives. They are actively seeking ways to incorporate cannabis into their routines responsibly without causing disruptions to their daily flow.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does shatter cannabis cost in Canada?

  • 1 gramme can range from $20 to $50
  • 3.5-gramme costs between $70 and $150
  • 7 grammes is approximately $120-$280
  • 14 grammes cost between $200 and $500
  • 28 grammes cost between $300 and $600

What does a high-quality shatter look like?

Nug Shatter, also known as high-quality shatter, derives from the most prized part of the cannabis plant: the buds. Its distinction lies in its unparalleled purity, free from any extraneous components such as leaves and stems. This purity imbues Nug Shatter with remarkable clarity, surpassing that of trim run extracts and yielding a distinctive, golden glass-like substance.

Does the cost of the shatter equate to its potency?

Buying cheap shatter doesn’t necessarily equate to lower potency compared to high-quality shatter. Crafting it from trim rather than nugs might result in less pronounced aroma and flavour profiles. Its effects can still pack a punch and offer a potent experience despite the variance in sensory attributes.

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Is it necessary to consider the brand of shatter?

There are numerous brands dedicated to crafting cannabis shatter products, and choosing a brand name depends on your preference. We suggest opting for AAAA+ strains to ensure top-tier quality in your shatter. You can also choose your shatter based on its appearance and effects.

Is it cheaper to buy in bulk or per gramme?

The overall cost will depend on how much shatter weed you consume often. If you use it infrequently or it is your first-time using shatter per gramme, a mix-and-match shatter promo can benefit you. You don’t have to commit to one strain; you can experiment on other strains next time. If you use shatter often and already know what strain you like to use, bulk orders can save you more as you can get a discount.


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