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Is there still a middle class in Trinidad and Tobago?

Whether a robust middle class still exists in Trinidad and Tobago is a complex question with no easy answer. Here’s what we know:

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Arguments for an existing middle class in Trinidad and Tobago

The World Bank’s income-based definition of the middle class, placing individuals earning between US$10 and US$50 per day in this category, suggests a potential middle class in Trinidad and Tobago. Here’s an expansion on this argument:

1. Minimum wage threshold

As you mentioned, Trinidad and Tobago’s minimum wage surpasses the World Bank’s lower threshold of US$10 per day. This implies that a significant portion of the workforce, particularly those employed formally and earning minimum wage or above, could be classified as middle class based on this income criterion.

2. Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) consideration

It’s crucial to remember that the World Bank’s income thresholds are based on Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). PPP adjusts for the varying cost of living across different countries. This means that the actual standard of living associated with the US$10-50 daily income range might differ when compared to other countries.

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3. Potential for a larger middle class

The World Bank’s definition solely focusses on income. However, the middle class in many countries is also characterised by factors like:


A significant portion of the workforce in Trinidad and Tobago might possess educational qualifications, potentially contributing to a larger middle class than solely reflected by income.

Asset ownership

Homeownership, for instance, is often considered a marker of the middle class. While data is needed to determine the extent of asset ownership in Trinidad and Tobago, it could be a relevant factor.

4. Caveats and limitations

Data availability

The absence of official data specifically defining the income range for the middle class in Trinidad and Tobago makes it challenging to quantify its exact size or growth.

Alternative definitions

 It’s important to acknowledge that the World Bank’s definition is just one approach. Depending on the chosen criteria, the existence and size of the middle class might be depicted differently.

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Arguments against a strong middle class in Trinidad and Tobago

While the World Bank’s definition suggests a potential middle class in Trinidad and Tobago, various arguments raise concerns about its strength and potential decline:

1. Lack of official data

Absence of definition

The country lacks an official definition or readily available data specifically outlining the income range considered “middle class”. This absence makes it difficult to accurately assess its size, growth, or distribution.

Challenges in measurement

Defining and measuring the middle class is complex, and there’s no single universally accepted approach. This lack of a standardised method further complicates gauging the strength of the middle class in Trinidad and Tobago.

2. Concerns about decline

Economic factors

Experts and citizens express anxieties about a shrinking middle class due to:


Rising prices of goods and services erode purchasing power, potentially pushing individuals previously considered middle class into lower income brackets.

Stagnant wages

If wages fail to keep pace with inflation, it becomes increasingly challenging for individuals to maintain their previous standard of living, potentially leading them towards the working class.

Increased cost of living

Beyond inflation, overall living expenses, including housing, healthcare, and education, might also be contributing to a perceived decline in the middle class.

Limited upward mobility

If opportunities for upward mobility are restricted, individuals might struggle to reach or remain within the middle class, hindering its overall strength.

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3. Alternative definitions

Beyond income

The World Bank’s definition solely focusses on income, which might not fully capture the complexities of the middle class. Other factors, such as:


A significant portion of the workforce might possess educational qualifications, but if they lack well-paying job opportunities, their inclusion in the middle class based solely on education might be questionable.

Asset ownership

While home ownership is often associated with the middle class, the extent and affordability of housing in Trinidad and Tobago could impact how this factor reflects the true picture of the middle class.


Factors like access to healthcare, quality of education, and leisure activities can also contribute to defining the middle class. If these aspects are not readily available or affordable for a significant portion of the population, it might paint a different picture of the middle class compared to solely focussing on income.

How to survive an eroding middle class

The eroding middle class is a complex and concerning issue with no easy solutions. However, here are some approaches that individuals and families can consider to navigate this challenge:

Financial strategies

1. Budgeting and saving

The foundation of navigating a challenging economic climate lies in effective financial management. Create a comprehensive budget that outlines your income and expenses. Prioritise essential needs like housing, food, and utilities.

Allocate funds for debt repayment and build an emergency savings fund to cover unexpected costs. Utilise budgeting apps or consult financial advisers for guidance in crafting and maintaining a solid financial plan.

2. Tackling debt

High-interest debt can significantly hinder your financial progress. Focus on reducing debt, especially those with exorbitant interest rates. Explore options like debt consolidation or refinancing to potentially lower your interest rates. Implement a strategic repayment plan, prioritising paying off high-interest debt first. Remember, consistent effort towards debt reduction will significantly improve your financial stability.

3. Expanding income streams

Consider generating income beyond your primary job. Explore freelance work, side hustles, or passive income opportunities. Freelancing platforms and online marketplaces offer various opportunities to leverage your skills and generate additional income.

Explore side hustles like online tutoring, pet sitting, or participating in the gig economy. For those seeking passive income, investing can be an option, but remember to approach it with caution and thorough research. Diversifying your income streams can provide financial security and help you weather economic challenges.

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Career development

1. Upskilling and reskilling

The job market is a dynamic landscape, and staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Continuous learning is essential for enhancing your skillset and remaining competitive. Explore a variety of upskilling and reskilling options like online courses, professional certifications, or training programmes.

Platforms like Skillshare offer a diverse range of courses suited to various career paths and learning styles. Whether it’s offered by your employer or through external institutions, investing in your development demonstrates initiative and increases your value in the job market.

This can lead to better career opportunities, improved earning potential, and positions you for success in an evolving workplace.

2. Building your network

Strong professional connections can be invaluable in today’s job market. Actively build your network by attending industry events, joining online communities, or volunteering in your field.

These interactions allow you to connect with professionals, learn about new opportunities, and gain valuable insights into the industry. Remember, a strong network can be an essential resource for career advancement and can even open doors to unexpected opportunities.


3. Negotiating for your worth

Don’t underestimate the power of negotiation. When discussing your salary or benefits package, advocate for yourself with confidence. Research average salaries for your position and location to build a strong foundation for your argument.

Remember, you deserve fair compensation for your skills and experience. By confidently negotiating, you can potentially secure a salary and benefits package that reflects your value and contributes to your financial well-being.

Lifestyle adaptations

1. Living within your means

Resist the societal pressure to “keep up with the Joneses”. This often leads to unnecessary spending and hinders financial progress. Prioritise your needs over wants. This means focusing on essential expenses like housing, food, and healthcare, while being mindful of discretionary spending on entertainment or other non-essential items.

Explore cost-saving alternatives in various areas like housing by considering downsizing or exploring co-living arrangements. Look for cheaper transportation options like cycling or public transit, and find free or affordable alternatives for entertainment.

Remember, living frugally doesn’t mean sacrificing your entire life, but rather making conscious choices to live within your means.

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2. Embracing community and sharing

Consider exploring collaborative solutions to reduce individual expenses. This could involve co-living arrangements with roommates, sharing subscriptions for streaming services or online resources, or even bartering services amongst trusted individuals.

Additionally, explore community resources and programs offered by local organizations or government initiatives. These can provide financial assistance, discounted services, or even access to essential resources like food banks or job training programmes.

Remember, community collaboration and utilising available resources can significantly reduce individual burdens and foster a sense of shared support.

3. Building resilience for uncertain times

Develop a mindset of resilience and adaptability to navigate the potential challenges of an eroding middle class. This involves being prepared for unforeseen circumstances by building an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses.

Additionally, consider having a backup plan in place, such as developing additional skills or exploring alternative income sources, to prepare for potential job loss or economic downturns.

Remember, fostering resilience involves anticipating challenges, planning ahead, and developing the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

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Advocacy and awareness

1. Engage in public discourse

Knowledge is power. Stay informed about policies and economic trends that directly impact the middle class. This involves following relevant news sources, attending community forums, and engaging in constructive discussions.

Become an advocate for policies that promote economic fairness and support the middle class. These could include raising the minimum wage, advocating for affordable housing initiatives, and pushing for accessible healthcare.

Remember, your voice matters, and actively engaging in public discourse can influence positive change.

2. Building community

No one needs to face these challenges alone. Collaborate with others facing similar economic uncertainties. Participate in community organisations or support groups dedicated to empowering individuals and families.

These groups can provide a platform to share experiences, resources, and offer mutual support. Building a network of individuals facing similar challenges fosters a sense of community and empowers everyone to navigate these challenges collectively.

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Remember, through collaboration and shared support, we can build a more resilient future for ourselves and future generations.

It’s important to remember that these are general strategies, and the specific actions you take will depend on your unique circumstances and goals. Seeking professional financial advice can be beneficial in developing a personalised plan to navigate the challenges of an eroding middle class.

Determining the state of the middle class in Trinidad and Tobago is complex. While the World Bank’s income-based definition suggests its presence, concerns about its decline due to economic factors and limited data availability raise questions.

Without a clear, official definition and more comprehensive data, definitively answering this question remains challenging. Further research and a deeper understanding of the situation are necessary to paint a clearer picture of the middle class in Trinidad and Tobago.


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