Divergent Languages of Absolution

The Divergent Languages of Absolution: A poetry book about forgiveness

The Divergent Languages of Absolution by poet and author Joel W Frederick is a poetry book about forgiveness. This is his fifth book. His other four books of poetry are all available on Amazon.com:

“Poetry is an art form that is courageous and not afraid to speak out of the things which defines us as a society. If my work just touches even one person, then it would not be in vain. To me, this is poetry at its essence, the ability to connect to people emotionally, at specific levels of their consciousness,” says Joel W Frederick.

The Divergent Languages of Absolution, a personal journey

This book deals with the different processes which explore healing and the courage that it takes to forgive whilst still hurting.

This inspiring collection which was surprisingly written in seven days is best suited for those who are struggling to let go of the past and empowers the reader to deal with their own shortcomings and the apologies that never came.

Ideally, the writer’s intention in creating this project was a personal journey of his own as he dealt with his own issues of love, relationships and disappointment.

Yet, it was also unintentionally catered for those who are having difficulties in forgiving people and the process which it takes in doing so, because ultimately, it is not an otherwise easy thing to do.


This book may assist the reader with their own challenges, their challenges in their journey towards breaking the chains which bound them away from the freedom of unforgiveness, but to do so in their own time.

Pieces like ‘From the Ashes’:

Forget what the optimists say… Pain makes you evolve.

One cannot be put under pressure and expect to remain the same. Only a fool fails to acknowledge that, not only does the fire burn, but it also moulds and reforms and sometimes, it also destroys…

And that’s why, most of us are cautious about love.

The above is just a small, but potent example of how the author is able to craft his style of writing into pieces which the reader can simply relate to.

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Look out for more publications after The Divergent Languages of Absolution

Caffeinated Whispers is available at R.I.K. Bookstores nationwide and it is also available at Scribbles and Quills Bookstore in Lange Park, Chaguanas, where his second installment, Butterfly on a Purple Moon is also on the shelves.

Frederick is best known for creating soul-tugging poetry which provokes the reader to search deep within themselves and to inspire or to just provoke thoughts.

The author has appeared on local television as well as the press and several online magazines, including most recently, Plenty Talent.com. This is a local online magazine which showcases Caribbean talent.

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He is also set to publish three more poetry books in the upcoming year well as his first novella, called, When Midnight Blooms, Chronicles of an urban immortal.

If you are interested in a unique spin of literature from an equally unique individual, stay tuned to his social media presence and also on the many media houses available; as well as you can also participate in acquiring one of his many collections that a literature enthusiast will be proud to have on their shelves and in their hearts, as they are transported to a world of unrefined emotions.

“Find your purpose, embrace your peace.”

Joel Frederick

Phone: 868-326-6404

Email: jwwf32@yahoo.com

Tiktok: PoetryandPurpose

Instagram: PoetryandPurpose

Facebook: jwwf32


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