Self-care during grief
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How to practise self-care during grief

Grief, a universal language, transcends words. It speaks in the quiet trickle of tears, the echoing laughter from memories, and the deafening silence of absence. It requires an inner strength, a resilient spirit, and a commitment to self-care ā€“ the act of nurturing our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. This article helps you to practise self-care during grief.

Imagine yourself adrift in a vast ocean of sorrow, tossed by waves of despair and loneliness. Self-care becomes your life raft, a fragile but essential vessel keeping you afloat.

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While the storm rages above, tending to this raft becomes your priority. You patch the holes of emotional exhaustion with rest and solace. You fortify its sails with healthy meals and gentle exercise. You anchor it with mindfulness practices, finding calm amidst the chaos.

However, amidst the grief’s clamour, self-care might seem trivial, an indulgence you cannot afford. But remember, this raft is not a luxury; it’s your lifeline. Neglecting it weakens your defences, leaving you vulnerable to the storm’s full force.

Every act of self-care during grief, however small, strengthens your resilience, allowing you to navigate the waves with more grace and courage.

Think of grief not as a single, monstrous wave, but as a series of rolling swells. Some crest high, threatening to engulf you, while others recede, offering brief moments of respite.

Self-care equips you to ride these waves. It teaches you to brace yourself for the inevitable crashes and savour the precious moments of calm. It allows you to emerge from the storm, not unscathed, but stronger, more adaptable, and forever changed by the experience.

So, remember, dear reader, as you embark on this challenging journey, self-care during grief is not a selfish act, but an act of profound courage. It is the life raft that will carry you through the storm, towards calmer waters and a brighter horizon.

Here are 10 things for you to do while practising self-care during grief.

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10 Ways to practise self-care during grief

1. Acknowledge your needs

The first step is recognising that your needs matter. Grief drains your energy, so prioritise rest, even if it’s just short naps. Listen to your body’s hunger cues and nourish it with healthy meals, even if they’re small. Remember, self-care isn’t selfish; it’s essential for navigating the waves of grief.

2. Move your body

While exercise might be the last thing on your mind, gentle movement can work wonders. It is one of the best ways to practise self-care during grief. Go for walks, practise yoga, or dance to your favourite music. Physical activity releases endorphins, boosting your mood and reducing stress.

3. Express your emotions

Bottling up emotions can be detrimental. Find healthy outlets to express yourself, whether it’s journaling, talking to a friend, or creating art, music, or writing. Don’t shy away from tears; they’re a natural part of the healing process. Letting it out is an excellent way to practise self-care during grief.

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4. Seek support

You don’t have to weather this storm alone. Lean on loved ones, join a grief support group, or seek professional help if needed. Sharing your grief with others can lighten the burden and offer valuable understanding. Remember, you are not alone as you practise self-care during grief.

5. Embrace mindfulness

Techniques like meditation or deep breathing can anchor you in the present moment, offering respite from overwhelming emotions. Mindfulness helps you manage difficult thoughts and feelings with more clarity and compassion.

6. Reconnect with joy

Grief doesn’t mean abandoning happiness. Do things you enjoy, even if it’s just for a small moment. Listen to music, read a book, spend time in nature, or watch a funny movie. Joy can be a powerful source of strength during difficult times.

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7. Honour memories

Reminiscing about your loved one can be both painful and healing. Share stories with others, look at photos, create a memory box, or visit their favourite places. Cherishing their memory keeps them close and allows you to find comfort in their legacy. Happy thoughts are vital for self-care during grief.

8. Find meaning in loss

Ask yourself how you want to honour your loved one’s memory. Volunteer for a cause they cared about, plant a tree in their name, or simply live with their values in mind. Finding meaning in loss can help you move forward with purpose and hope.

9. Be kind to yourself

Grief is a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient with yourself and understand that healing takes time. Forgive yourself for bad days, celebrate small victories, and remember to practise self-compassion.

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10. Seek professional help

If you’re struggling to cope with grief, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. A therapist can provide valuable guidance, support, and tools to navigate your emotions and journey towards healing.


Grief, a tidal wave washing over hearts and souls, demands not just the courage to endure, but the tenderness of self-care, a lifeline amidst the storm. Like a weary traveller adrift, you might find self-care seeming trivial, lost in the clamour of mourning. But remember, this raft is not an indulgence, but your sanctuary, your source of strength.

Each act of self-care, however small, strengthens your vessel, allowing you to navigate the swells of grief with more grace. It’s in acknowledging your needs, nourishing your body with rest and healthy meals, and moving your body through gentle exercise that you build resilience.

Expressing your emotions, finding solace in journaling, art, or conversation, allows you to release the pressure building within. Seek support, lean on loved ones, join a grief group, or find professional guidance. Remember, you are not alone in this stormy sea.

Mindfulness practices like meditation or deep breathing offer calming anchors amidst the emotional waves. Reconnect with joy through activities you once cherished, even if for brief moments. Honour your loved one in cherished memories, stories shared, and meaningful actions inspired by their life.

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Find purpose in the loss, volunteer for a cause they cared about, or simply carry their values within your heart. Be kind to yourself, for grief is a marathon, not a sprint. Celebrate small victories, forgive yourself for setbacks, and practise self-compassion with every step.

Remember, seeking professional help is a sign of strength, not weakness. A therapist can offer valuable tools and support to navigate this challenging journey.

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