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How to become a remote life coach

Becoming a remote life coach involves helping individuals set and achieve personal and professional goals while fostering personal development and growth. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you become a remote life coach.

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18 Steps to becoming a remote life coach

1. Understand life coaching

Familiarise yourself with the role and responsibilities of a life coach, which involves providing guidance, support, and accountability to clients.

2. Self-assessment

Reflect on your own skills, experiences, and strengths. Life coaches often have backgrounds in psychology, counselling, mentoring, or related fields.

3. Choose your niche

Decide on a specific area of life coaching you want to specialise in, such as career coaching, relationship coaching, wellness coaching, or personal development.

4. Gain relevant education and training

While formal education isn’t always required, consider pursuing courses or certifications in coaching. Programmes from recognised institutions can enhance your credibility as a professional life coach.

5. Develop coaching skills

Hone your active listening, communication, empathy, problem-solving, and motivational skills. These are essential for effective coaching.

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6. Practise self-development

Engage in personal growth and development activities to understand your own strengths, challenges, and growth journey to become the ideal life coach.

7. Gain experience

Offer free coaching sessions to friends, family members, or volunteers to build experience and refine your coaching approach.

8. Build your coaching approach

Develop your coaching philosophy, methodologies, and techniques. Determine how you’ll structure sessions, set goals, and track progress.

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9. Create a business plan

Outline your target audience, services, pricing, marketing strategies, and goals for your coaching practice.

10. Create a professional brand

Develop a brand identity, including a website, logo, and social media presence, to showcase your services and expertise as a professional life coach.

11. Market your services

Use social media, networking, and online platforms to promote your coaching services and attract potential clients.

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12. Obtain necessary legalities

Depending on your location, consider registering your coaching business, obtaining any required licenses, and adhering to legal and ethical standards.

13. Offer free webinars or workshops

Share your expertise as a life coach through free online workshops or webinars to showcase your knowledge and connect with potential clients.

14. Network and connect

Attend coaching conferences, workshops, and networking events to connect with other coaches, learn from experts, and stay updated on industry trends.

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15. Client-centred approach

Tailor your coaching sessions to each client’s needs and goals. Listen actively, ask thought-provoking questions, and provide actionable advice.

16. Build trust and rapport

Foster strong relationships with your clients by building trust, showing empathy, and maintaining confidentiality.

17. Continual learning

Stay updated with coaching methodologies, psychology, communication techniques, and self-help practices.

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18. Seek feedback

Encourage feedback from your clients to improve your coaching skills and enhance the value you provide.


Becoming a successful remote life coach requires a blend of skills, training, empathy, and a commitment to helping others achieve their goals. By continuously developing yourself and refining your coaching approach, you can make a positive impact on the lives of your clients.


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