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Hands on lesson in the fundamentals of the game from the resident Golf Pro Anthony “Benny” Bernard..

Learning golf at St Andrew’s Golf Club

Young golfer Addy displays her talent on the course at St Andrew’s Golf Club on Tuesday, July 26, 2016. Golf Pro Anthony Bernard Benny, fondly called “Benny” by all at St Andrew’s, and Assistant Pro Aleena Jack instruct the upcoming athlete on the basics of golf.

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The aim of the camp is to introduce golf to young people and to discover potential talent. Even though golf is known as a solitary sport, the spirit of team work is taught during the clinic as the instructors seek to teach not just golf but skills that the kids could use throughout their lives.

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St Andrew’s Golf Club a picturesque  location

St Andrew’s Golf Club, located in beautiful Moka, Maraval, will host its second leg of their Children’s Clinic from August 8 through 12, 2016 from 9 am to 12 noon. Here attendees would be exposed to the fundamentals of golf. There are other activities carded for the camp as well which include football, hiking, swimming, and cricket.

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For more information about registration for St Andrew’s Golf Club‘s Children’s Clinic contact Marissa at (868) 629-0066 or visit the St Andrew’s Golf Club website www.golftrinidad.com

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Martial arts changed my child!

Students of Golden Eagle Martial Arts, Sensei Kester Marquis, Zayn Hosein, Sweet T&T, Sweet TnT, Trinidad and Tobago, Trini, vacation, travel

By Nerissa Hosein. As a parent I wanted my son to learn to protect himself. In these times between the crime and the bullying that takes place in school it was important for me to teach him to protect and defend himself.

So I went to Golden Eagle Martial Arts Academy. I told myself if anyone was hard on my child, I would leave immediately. But I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The Academy, located on El Socorro Road, is only filled with kindness and patience.

Since day one I have watched my son blossom under the guidance, discipline and patience of Sensei Marquis. While the school teaches the routines and the structure of the art, they are also gentle with the students who are as young as four years old. They allow them to gradually shine, promote diligence and hard work but do not break their little spirits.

I chose martial arts because it has many benefits to a youth. It promotes discipline and structure. It teaches them to defend and protect. Too many of the growing youth population in society today seem so caught up in TV land or video games. Their whole existence seems to revolve around violence, chaos and confusion.

Martial arts also allows the young ones to foster their socialisation skills without the dramatisation of the media saturated world.

It encourages communication within a safe environment and most importantly it teaches this new generation ways to promote non-violent conflict resolution.

I’ve noticed a few shy ones being lifted out of their shells. The art itself seems to increase their self-esteem as well as their sense of respect within and outwards in society.  Many of the parents sit around while classes are in session and I’ve heard a few say how much it has changed their child. I tend to agree as my son has already started to be more outgoing and considerate.

I would recommend martial arts now to any parent that asks. It’s a form of exercise to work off all those snacks we Trinis like to eat and it gives you some valuable life tools. I think it is an asset worth getting up early for on a Saturday morning!

April 2014 – Issue 9 www.sweettntmagazine.com

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