Unconditional love - Nerissa Hosein with her sons for article, Unconditional Love, a Mother's Love in Sweet TnT Magazine
Nerissa Hosein with her sons.

Unconditional love is truly a mother’s love

By Nerissa Hosein. Being a mother is by far the hardest, most complicated yet rewarding job there ever was. There is no better love than a mother’s love, unconditional love, no stronger prayer than the one she says for her children and no greater supporter of dreams.

I grew up as an only child to my parents. My mother was a working mom for as long as I can remember and even though we were not rich, I had everything a child could ever want. I never went without. Most Sundays she would sew a new dress for me to go visit my grandparents and every birthday was a celebration. My childhood was awesome thanks to my parents. They gave me unconditional love.

Mom letting go and I breaking free

Of course as I grew into my teenage years my mother and I were at odds for a good part of it. Every child at some point in those years wants to break free and what I didn’t know then was how painful it was for my mother to let go. It must have seemed like overnight I went from being her princess to this rebellious young woman. I grew up fast after that, started working and went into my own world. My mother struggled to let go and I struggled to break free.

My kids pulling away

Years later in my thirties, my mother and I have now mended those fences and I am a mother now myself. I am weary to my kids growing up and pulling away but I know this part of life is inevitable. Struggling against it would not be wise. I can only imagine the pain it will cause.

Not calling Mommy to help

My sons are growing up quickly and independence is already showing itself particularly in my younger one. I watch my first born in awe most days as he gets ready for school, not calling me once to say Mommy help. While it makes me proud, it also makes me a bit sad as it reminds me of how fast time flies. It seems as it was only yesterday he needed me to button his shorts and tie his laces.

Greater appreciation for my mother

Now I have a greater appreciation for what my mother must have felt back then. Nothing in the world is as important to me as my children. I truly loved them long before I met them. As a mother, you feel everything your child feels. Every time they fall, they get hurt, when they get rejected or fail, it hurts you just as much. I never knew that before I became a mother.

Unconditional love

Unconditional love is truly a mother’s love. I treasure my time with my kids immensely. I try my best to create memories. I spend less time than the older generation on house work and work. I dedicate most of my life to creating tons of memories with them. I celebrate every birthday they have surrounding them with family and tradition, so as they get older they will have these moments forever in their hearts.

Proud mothers

A mother’s job is never done and a mother’s pain is always misunderstood. Every mother will proudly watch their child soar, even though it means letting them go. So from one mother to a next, let’s celebrate motherhood all year long. And to all the kids reading this, make time for your mom, give her a call or drop by to visit as often as you can.

No matter how old we get, always remember, there will never be another love like a mother’s. That’s unconditional love.

August 2016   www.sweettntmagazine.com

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