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Glass bottles can help balance hormones

The dangers of drinking water from plastic bottles are thrown in our faces daily. Yet, we are bombarded with plastic bottled water from almost every manufacturer. This is a serious problem especially for women dealing with PCOS, fibroids, low progesterone, early menopause and other uterine issues. Also, it affects men battling with elevated testosterone, reduced fertility, hair loss, acne and enlarged prostate. It is highly recommended that changing your plastic bottles to glass bottles would change your life drastically.Glass water bottles

What disrupts hormones in plastic bottles

We hear that plastic bottles usually pose a problem when the plastic bottle is heated. If left in a hot car for too long, this creates a problem.

The bad news is Bisphenol A or BPA, the industrial chemical found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins that mimics estrogen, the male hormone, leaks out into water bottles whether or not the bottle is heated. It simply leaks more when the plastic heats up. Since BPA disrupts hormonal balance, using glass bottles would clear your body of the extra estrogen.

Use reusable glass bottles

Having your own reusable glass bottles would definitely reduce your risk of developing several diseases. Avoid ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometritis, reduced fertility, hair loss, cancer or going into menopause too early. Glass bottles can be refilled numerous times and the water will be free from BPA if left in a heated environment. 

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