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Adoption: Major rights and responsibilities of adoptive parents

Children have a right to safety, loving care, education, access to health care, and protection from abuse and cruelty from their parents whether through birth, surrogacy, adoption or guardianship. Parents are responsible for safeguarding their children’s rights until they are mature enough to support themselves.

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Parental responsibility is the capacity to decide on matters impacting the child’s care, welfare, and healthy development.

Parents’ duties for raising their children are outlined under American family law. These consist of:

  • Offering safety, supervision, and control
  • Providing food, clothing, and a place to live
  • Financially supporting your child
  • Providing medical treatment
  • Providing educational opportunities

Who is in charge of raising children?

According to the Family Law Act, the only people who have “innate parental responsibility”, or who are authorised to exercise parental responsibility without a court order, are birth parents, adoptive parents, people who become parents through artificial conception or surrogacy, and people who satisfy presumptions of parentage.


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While other adults, such as stepparents, may be involved in a child’s care and support, only these parents—or those designated as a child’s parents by a court—have the last say in a child’s life.

Your commitments don’t cease with a divorce or a separation; they last until your child is 18. Even in cases of separation, the government and the court urge both parents to share in the execution of their parental responsibilities for a child.

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Role of adoption and guardianship lawyer

In an adoption, a lawyer’s job is not to find or put a kid for adoption actively. However, many Adoption & Guardianship lawyers provide prospective adoptive parents with guidance on the adoption procedure and make sure they stay clear of any potential problems. The function of a lawyer in adoption can change depending on the circumstances of the case.

Throughout the adoption, a lawyer can help with various formalities. A family law attorney can ensure the parties file all the required documents to start the lawsuit.

The adoption procedure includes the petition, an affidavit disclosing care and custody, surrender paperwork, and other documents. A party wishing to adopt will want to ensure all the paperwork the court requires is complete and completed for the process to proceed as smoothly as possible.

Your parental rights

You also have rights as a parent. According to the legislation, parents are free to raise their kids following their morals and ideologies.

There will be no interference with a child’s choice of religion, education, discipline, medical care, or place of residence unless there are compelling grounds or a risk to the child’s health, such as abuse, a lack of access to education, or a failure to seek necessary medical care.

Working parents have a right to child care services and information about benefits and services for which they may be qualified.

However, parental rights do not include the right to custody or visitation, for instance, after a divorce. The legislation stipulates that the child’s best interests must come first when parental responsibility may be changed.

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Why is adoption so expensive

Because there are so many different kinds of adoption specialists and different services that are offered, adoption professional service fees for private US infant adoptions vary greatly.

Make sure you comprehend the entire adoption process from start to finish and obtain a thorough description of the services provided when comparing the pricing of adoption professionals so that you can make an accurate comparison.

For instance: Does professional adoption work across the country, or is their reach confined to a single state? Are you needed to perform some or all of the marketing and networking to find a birth mother on your own, or does the adoption professional handle that task entirely? Does the adoption professional include third-party costs in their quote, or are they only covering their service fees?

Fees for the birth mother

The costs for birth mothers also differ greatly based on the demands of the individual birth mothers and what is permitted by state law. Most birth mothers find themselves in a position where they require some financial support from their adoptive parents. In most jurisdictions, adoptive parents can anticipate bearing the reasonable costs of a birth mother’s medical, living, legal, and counselling care.

Financial Protection Adoptive parents interested in private US infant adoptions are cautioned about the likelihood of an opportunity disruption in the adoption process. This is a terrible occurrence, and for the adoptive parents, it may mean that they have already covered the costs associated with the birth mother but are now unable to complete the adoption.

If they now find themselves unable to proceed with another adoption possibility due to their inability to pay for new birth mother expenditures, this can be even more financially painful.

Ask your adoption specialist if they offer any financial insurance if the adoption process is interrupted. When a family is seeking to adopt a child after a disruption, the ability of some national adoption agencies and organisations to offer some form of financial protection can make all the difference.

Costs of international adoption

Costs for adoptions abroad range from US$35,000 to well over US$50,000. The price will vary depending on the nation the adopting parents choose to adopt from, and they must be ready to cover costs like:

  • Provider fees for adoption services
  • Home study costs
  • Visa and immigration fees
  • Filing and fingerprinting expenses for USCIS
  • Fees for medical evaluations
  • Travelling costs

Families adopting children from abroad must budget significantly for travel and lodging expenses. Families may be required to remain for a few days to several weeks and make arrangements for many visits before being allowed to adopt a child, depending on the nation from which they are adopting.

Although many families are interested in adopting internationally, there have been fewer international adoptions in recent years as a result of changes made to adoption rules that make it more difficult for Americans to adopt from other nations.

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