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Blood sugar spikes – signs and lifestyle changes

Your blood sugar is high and you need to change your lifestyle drastically. These are the dreadful words many people hear from their doctors. For some, it has reached the point where they depend on Metformin, insulin, extreme exercise, and a tasteless diet. Other people who catch the blood sugar spikes long before they can be diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes may or may not do something about it.

Signs that your blood sugar may be high

Long before persons lose their legs or go into a diabetic coma, there are several signs that tell them something is wrong.

If you feel extremely thirsty all the time no matter how much liquids you drink then you should check your blood sugar regularly.

Blurry vision is another sign of high blood sugar so getting new glasses may not be necessary.

Gaining excessive weight is another very good reason to have your blood sugar tested throughout the day.

If you feel lazy, weak and tired all the time, then buy yourself a blood glucose self-monitor and see what is going on with you.

If your blood sugar is a little higher than it should be and you are not yet diagnosed as diabetic then you should make a few lifestyle changes.

Cut your sugars and carbs in half

Look at what you eat carefully and cut your sugars and carbohydrates in half. This means to eat less breads, pastries, rice, ground provisions, and use little or no sugar in your tea and drinks. If you are accustomed to eating four slices of bread for breakfast then try two slices but with more protein in the middle.

For lunch, try less rice or pasta with more peas, meats, and vegetables on your plate. By adding more protein to your meals that have less carbohydrates, you can feel full while keeping your blood sugar right where it should be.

Eat less more often

Another trick to reduce your blood sugar daily is to eat less more often. Forget about eating three large meals and try three small meals and three healthy snacks. This means that while you are cutting your sugars and carbs in half for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you get to surprise your taste buds in between meals.

Healthy snacks consist of crackers and cheese or peanut butter, yogurt, cereal, milkshake, and fruits. If you must have ice-cream, cake, cookies or anything with loads of sugar, then count your calories carefully and snack on a pinch of sugary foods per day.

Move your body more often than usual

Some people may dread the term ‘exercise’ so how about trying to move your body more often than usual. Instead of joining a gym, making laps around your block, or actively working out in front your TV or computer, how about doing something that does not feel like exercise. Try starting a home garden, doing some landscaping around your yard, or learning to dance or play a sport. The more you move the less likely your blood sugar increases. The best part of moving your body more often is that you can actually eat and drink a pinch more of the sugary stuff that you wish to enjoy.

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