So the man could bubble a pot

So the man could bubble a pot

By Marissa Armoogam. I was recently adopted into a group of friends who were originally my sister’s friends. Now it seems my house, to my pleasure, has become the “round-up” spot for every occasion and celebration. Friends, cousins, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews all merge into one loud and fun group of people who can be found in batches throughout my home and yard on any given weekend. Now all this entertaining can get a girl tired, but recently the men of the group have become quite forward in their willingness to wear an apron and get behind the pot. Of course there have been no complaints from the women folk.

About a week ago these new found chefs came over and surprised us with a menu of provision and duck… now let me just say since the beginning of time there has never been a provision and duck pot like this one!

Aroma of curry in the pot

These three men, Sat, Vishal and Shawn, made magic in the kitchen that Saturday. The entire house was filled with the aroma of the tasty curry and a spicy pepper which permeated the air, the little children ran out the house coughing loudly. I turned to my sister-in-law Vernessa and congratulated her on teaching my brother Shawn these commendable cooking skills, her response was “but hey, de man cud bubble ah pot”.

I shared this experience the following Monday with my co-workers and they all had almost the same comments, all along the lines of “but girl, you don’t know men are the best cooks” and “girl, when a man boil a pot, you does know”.

Since then I have the immense pleasure of eating the food these willing cooks have been preparing for us weekend after weekend, and now I have gathered enough evidence and earned the boasting rights to say that indeed, these Trini men could really “bubble a pot”.

April 2015 – Issue 15

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