Testosterone levels
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What can young men do to maintain healthy testosterone levels?

Researchers have found that male sperm count has plummeted by 50% since the 1970s. Modern men are facing various problems more than any generation ever before, including erectile dysfunction, social anxiety, low confidence, fear of talking to women, obesity, low sperm counts, difficulty building muscles, depression, and lack of motivation. They all seem to be associated with lower testosterone levels.

Testosterone is the hormone that makes men well, sculpting the male body by increasing muscle mass and bone strength, and moulding the male mind, fuelling libido, risk-taking, and the pursuit of status.

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Since 1950, the testosterone levels in men have been dropping at a rate of up to one percent per year. In some contexts, the average 30-year-old man today would have the same testosterone levels as a 60-year-old man in 1950.

Men are becoming less of men, not only in their behaviour and appearance but also in their biological makeup. They are weaker, slower, and less intelligent compared to previous generations.

Testosterone is essential for men, influencing motivation, energy levels, and masculine features. Low testosterone levels lead to weight gain, reduced motivation, and even the development of man boobs. It’s the key hormone that drives men toward success and achievement.

Between 1973 and 2011, male sperm count dropped by 59%, and it is predicted to reach zero by 2045. Many young men in bodybuilding communities are already experiencing abysmally low testosterone levels and are considering testosterone therapy to regain a sense of normalcy and vitality. However, the therapy comes with the trade-off of potential fertility issues, making it a contentious topic.

Factors that attribute to decrease in testosterone

Chemicals in water sources

There is an alarming decline in testosterone and sperm count in modern men and the potential consequences for the survival of the human race.

The primary culprits behind this decline are various factors in our modern world.

One significant issue is the presence of chemicals in water sources that tamper with male hormones, causing male fish to develop female reproductive traits in a process known as male feminisation.

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Consumption of soy

Another factor affecting testosterone levels is the consumption of soy, which contains high levels of estrogen.

This estrogen content has adverse effects on males, leading to problems like infertility, low testosterone, slow growth, muscle loss, and weight gain.

The prevalence of soy in animal feed contributed to the mass consumption of estrogen-contaminated meat and milk, impacting humans as well.

Furthermore, after soy is harvested, it often develops mould when stored for extended periods. This mould produces estrogenic compounds that also contribute to hormonal imbalances in individuals.

Studies have shown that girls with early puberty had elevated levels of mould estrogen, which could lead to weight gain and other health issues.

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Artificial food and contaminated water

Artificial food and contaminated water, particularly from pharmaceutical drugs like birth control, are negatively impacting testosterone levels and causing various health issues.

Estrogenic compounds from birth control pills get excreted into the water supply, and conventional treatment facilities often fail to filter them adequately. This results in tap water containing artificial estrogens, pharmaceuticals, microplastics, lead, fluoride, and other harmful substances.

Studies on fish exposed to estrogenic water and how it affects their mating patterns raise concerns about how these chemicals in tap water may impact human endocrine systems and suggests a possible link to altered male behaviour. Even bottled water isn’t entirely safe, as purified water is often bottled tap water containing phthalates from plastic bottles.


Chemicals in the environment

There are numerous estrogenic chemicals present in our environment, posing a significant threat to testosterone levels and overall health. These chemicals are found in various everyday products like tap water, soy-based food, cosmetics, skincare, cleaning products, plastics, and even in the air we breathe.

Estrogenic compounds, such as parabens, and phthalates, are present in many of these items, and they can be absorbed through the skin, leading to hormone disruption.

The harmful effects of these chemicals include links to infertility, genetic changes, and spontaneous abortion.

Moreover, mercury is present in certain fish like tuna, shark and swordfish, and is known to disrupt testosterone levels.

Financial incentives and promotion of toxic masculinity

Despite the risks, these estrogenic chemicals are widely used in the United States, while other countries have banned them.

Corporations promote their products by funding scientific studies that downplay the harmful effects of these chemicals, using vague language to create uncertainty and maintain their use in products.

Scientists, driven by financial incentives, conduct studies that downplay the harmful effects of estrogenic chemicals in products.

Culture and media play a role in promoting the idea of toxic masculinity, leading to the feminisation of men. There is speculation that this trend is intentional to control the population, or it just might be a consequence of people and companies chasing profit without considering the broader impact.

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Consequences of feminisation and what men can do to fix it

The potential consequences of feminisation can be decreased motivation and declining testosterone levels. Testosterone has a significant impact on mental and physical health, and low levels can lead to various problems, including reduced interest in sex and lower enrollment in universities and sports among males.

Fortunately, there is hope for those with low testosterone levels. Lifestyle changes, like maintaining a healthy weight, getting proper sleep, and reducing exposure to estrogenic chemicals, can positively influence testosterone levels. Additionally, natural supplements may also help boost testosterone.

Many young men are negatively affected by their phones, OnlyFans, Tinder, social media and instant gratification from sexualised content. This constant exposure can have a horrendous impact on testosterone levels, leading to the formation of one-sided relationships where individuals become obsessed with internet personalities like YouTubers, a phenomenon known as para-symbiotic attachment.

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To counteract these effects, young men should make some important lifestyle changes. First and foremost, getting regular sunlight exposure is crucial as it plays a significant role in boosting vitamin D and supporting hormonal health. Cutting out plastics and tap water, which contain estrogenic chemicals, is also recommended to reduce potential hormone disruption.

For those in areas with limited sunlight, investing in red light therapy is proposed as a beneficial alternative to support healthy testosterone levels. Red light exposure for 15 to 20 minutes a day can have a meaningful impact on hormonal activity.

While lifestyle changes can go a long way in improving testosterone levels, it is acknowledged that it may be challenging to completely avoid estrogenic substances in the modern world. As a result, certain herbal supplements like Tongkat Ali and Nigerian shrub Fadogia Agrestis, known for their potential to increase testosterone levels and mimic luteinising hormone effects, may offer a helpful boost.

Overall, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, reducing exposure to estrogenic substances, and considering natural supplements to promote optimal testosterone levels and overall well-being.

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