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Acne fix: Quick solution when in your late 30s

By Nerissa Hosein. Wrinkles I can handle, but acne … seriously?

As a middle aged woman, I have my share of problems in life. I have finances, stress, kids, housework and the fact that I’m no longer the svelte shining young thing that once was.

Now I am an older version with a few more creases and a little more junk in the trunk than I could remember. I mean that last one is not bad at all.

As we get older, there’s an acceptance that comes with it, but one thing that’s hard to accept is when the condition of your skin starts to go downhill. Wrinkles I can handle, but acne … seriously?

Raging breakouts I’ve never had

I’ve found that as I enter my late thirties I’m starting to have some raging breakouts that I’ve never had before, not even at the height of my teenage life. Studies suggest that some women get adult onset acne for reasons such as hormonal changes, stress and lifestyle habits. So, it’s not that uncommon but it does make me feel rather ugly sometimes.

Piling makeup on acne

It tends to flare up closer to that time of the month but even when it’s done there are marks that take longer to go away. Piling on makeup on spots may seem like a quick fix but it’s really not good for the skin as it tends to clog it more and no matter how good your skills are in the makeup department, it still shows.

The solution to my acne problem

I started doing some research on how to clean myself from the inside. All we need to beat this problem in-house are home remedies that work, don’t cost much to create and are quick and easy for women on the go! Here are some great ways to clean the body inside out:

1. Saffron and milk

Grate a small piece of saffron root into a half glass of milk. Let it sit for a few hours and then apply the milk to your skin. Then leave it for approximately fifteen minutes and gently wash off. This helps remove the redness and the swelling of acne spots.

2. Saffron and water

Boil 2 cups of water and then grate saffron root into it. I use about 1 or 2 pieces of medium sized roots. Let that sit for a few hours. Then, drink a small tea cup every night for a few nights. You can even add milk and some spices to flavour it and you’ve got a delicious cup of saffron tea that cleanses your body from the inside and it will then show on the outside.

3. Cucumbers

They work miracles. Simply cut one up, place in some water and drink the water for a few days. Every time you drink, replenish the mug and keep refrigerated. You can even add a lemon to it and you have a nice refreshing batch of water that helps cool the body and cleanse the skin. It worked wonders for me!

Try these simple at-home fixes. Saffron also has many other benefits such as it aids in PMS treatment and boosts memory. So, it really is a great item to have in the house. Cucumbers contain ascorbic acid and caffeic acid which help skin irritations and reduces swelling. Both these are low cost, effective skin remedies! You won’t regret it! We as women have enough things to worry about so bad skin should not be one of them!

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