When Mom says she has everything she needs

Buying a gift for Mom for Mother’s Day might be tough especially when she claims, “I have everything I need, don’t waste your money.” Many people can relate to this battle to show Mom some love on that special day. It’s so easy for men to grab up gifts for the mother of their children whether it be perfume, chocolate, jewelry, lingerie or stuffed toys. It’s like Valentine’s Day all over again. But, for Mom, you stand the chance of getting her something that she already has or a gift she would say you wasted hard earned money to buy.

Gifts you thought were easy to buy for Mom

Clothing, shoes, and jewelryMom

All moms love to look nice, so you decide you want to dress up yours. Through observation, you have an idea what she likes to wear. It’s already hard for you to shop for clothes for yourself at the mall, so imagine you walking around the mall to do it for your mom. That is going to take forever. Sit in that same spot and pick from a range of blouses, skirts, pants, jeans, dresses, outfits, shoes, slippers, sandals, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, handbags and hair accessories. Dress up Mom this Mother’s Day and get it right.

Perfume and body care products

Your mother can never have too much perfume and body care products. It is so easy to grab up a bottle of perfume or cream for her. But, then you have one problem. What would she like? Sales clerks at the mall will always tell you this is the perfect one. Of course they will. If you do not know what your mom likes and you want to surprise her with perfume or body care products then you need the opinions of other moms. You can check out classy perfumes, facial and body creams, shampoos and conditioners, and nail polish. See the ratings and read the reviews from satisfied customers before you make a purchase. This option reduces the risk you would be taking if you take the opinion of one sales clerk. Who wants to disappoint Mom on Mother’s Day? Make her smell great and make her happy.

Household items

Moms always love household items. However, when you look around her home it seems as though she’s got everything she needs. If she had not bought it already, it’s because someone else gave it to her as a gift. Most of the stuff she already owns can be found at the mall at which you would probably be shopping. Take a look at some household items that will definitely make your Mom happy. Just make sure that her kitchen is complete with a modern blender, juicer, grill, bread maker, glass set, dinnerware and pots.

Add to her living room’s decor some classy ornaments, glass figurines, paintings, picture frames, vases, mats, coasters, and lamps. For her bedroom, choose some fancy sheet sets and for her bathroom some large bath towels. Shopping for Mom has never been this easy.

Gifts Mom may not know she needs

Hearing aid

If your mom says, “Eh” continuously throughout a conversation and you have to repeat statements over and over, then it’s time for you to surprise her with a hearing aid. You may click and choose from different sizes of hearing aids for her and make life a lot easier. She will then be able to enjoy her TV programmes at a reasonable volume and her conversations with you can be more fulfilling.

Health monitors

Even though your mom may look great, it’s always a wise decision to ensure that she is as healthy as she looks. Surprise her with some health monitors this Mother’s Day so she would be sure that she is doing everything right to live past 150 years. Check out these heartbeat monitors, medicine monitors, blood pressure tester, glucose tester, and bathroom scales. Make sure to show her how to use them and save her many trips to the doctor.

Physical supportive items

Even though Mom says she is as young as she feels, it might be a great idea to start introducing her to physical support items. Even if she leaves it in the closet for a while, one day she might surprise you and use it. Surprise her this Mother’s Day with her first cane, recliner chair, rocking chair, exercise equipment, and shower support handles. She might not like these now, but they may come in handy when you least expect it.

March 2017

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