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Wives, moms – work out, shop, dye your hair

By Nerissa Hosein. So ladies, wives and mothers, we sit and watch the soaps and the award shows and laugh at how housewives prance around on heels and fully made-up faces while making the five-star meal all while not chipping their perfect nails. Unrealistic but that’s television for you!

Wives and mothers don’t let go of appearances

But let me pose a question, why is it so many of us choose to let our appearance go simply because we become wives and mothers?

Did we stop paying attention to things that was second nature to us when we were single? There must be a line between the fake TV personas and the reality we force ourselves into, right?

Keep yourself in check

So here’s a list of five must-haves that EVERY WOMAN, married, single, or with ten children should keep in check:

  1. PEDI / MANI: At least once a week. Take a few minutes to do this. Now that doesn’t mean to spend over $500 a week on spa services. HELL NO! Go Pennywise. Buy some basic items (good foot scrub, mani set, pedi file, nail polishes). If you can’t afford a foot spa, a bucket with some warm water will do. Soak those hard working feet. Buying your own products also means you have supplies for at least 6-10 procedures). It’s cost effective and keeps the hands and feet nice!
  2. FACIAL: Again, no need to spend money at a spa if you don’t have it. Just steam with some warm water, cleanse, tone and moisturise. Rub some cucumbers on the skin to restore a nice balance, put some under the eyes and you’re good to go!
  3. GYM (YOUTUBE STYLE): If you can’t afford gym fees there’s YouTube! Clear a little space, search any and every type of exercise on YouTube and you’ll find some nice instructional videos to go along with. Whether it’s zumba, yoga or kickboxing, YouTube has it all!
  4. SHOP: We women have vices. We love our clothes, shoes and handbags, right? I love a good bargain. I shop online, and find lots of deals on eBay. If you don’t shop online, no probs, go Tunapuna or Chaguanas on the Main Road, pay half the price you would pay in the mall. If that’s not an option FACEBOOK SHOP! Tonnes of people are using Facebook to sell their items and I always find deals there. My motto is, “If there’s a piece of clothes I need, there is an economic way to get it!”
  5. GO RED: When you need a pick-me-up, change your appearance! Bored, tired and depressed? All you do all day is clean, cook, wash and then do it all over again? So, change it up a bit. Dye your hair! Trust me, a little dye or highlights go a long way! It’s amazing how a little hair colour can lift those dark circles away and brighten up the complexion!

You are responsible for your happiness

As a Trinidadian woman I know sometimes we can feel burdened by the pressures of society to be good mothers and wives. We have little or no time for ourselves and even less money to really take care of our appearance. So we stop.

But it’s a proven fact if you don’t like what stares you back in the mirror, you’re going to be even more depressed. It’s not the kids’ or the hubby’s fault. No one is responsible for your happiness and the way you feel about yourself.

Moms, ladies, come on! Trinidadian women are some of the most beautiful women out there. It’s time to start appreciating our beauty and making a little space in our lives for us!

June 2014 – Issue 10

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