Hot flashes

Hot flashes relief tips while on the go

Women experiencing menopause would know about the dreadful hot flashes that go with it. These make you sweat during cool weather. They happen when the blood vessels near the skin’s surface dilate to cool. The sweating may allow a woman to cool down her body.

Imagine that you are sitting in an air conditioned room looking at people wearing jackets but you feel as though you are sitting on the pavement in the scorching sun. Hot flashes can be very irritating and it makes women super uncomfortable. Here are some useful tips that can cool down a woman going through menopause that would make her life a lot easier.

Pregnant women fan, Hot flashes
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Moving with a portable fan

A woman can ease those aggravating hot flashes by keeping a portable fan wherever she goes. This is far better than using a book, newspaper, or a handheld fan that gives breeze when moved back and forth. These methods of fanning can actually work up the body and make the hot flashes even worse. A portable fan however can cool a woman down without any effort.

Use a hot/cold water bottle

Hot flashes
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While a woman is on the go, she can fill a water hot or cold bottle with very cold water. A woman can rest the cold bottle on her face, eyes, chest and neck to keep cool whenever those hot flashes come on. This bottle is likely to stay cool for a long period so she can be comforted for a while before refilling.

Keep a hot flashes relief spray close by

It may be a great idea to cool down those hot flashes by using a relief spray designed to cool down the symptoms of hot flashes. These sprays are advertised to work instantly to give relief to women experiencing hot flashes. Ingredients include peppermint oil, menthol, and alcohol. Women can try these relief sprays if they looking for options.

Drink plenty of water

A natural way to manage hot flashes is to keep hydrated as much as possible. This does not mean that you wait until the hot flashes begin to cool it down by drinking a lot of water. It means that you should drink water all day to keep your body cool at all times. Try carrying around a two-litre water supply with you to ensure that you are always equipped with the amount of water you need.

Avoid hot foods and drinks

Hot flashes have triggers and hot foods and drinks are culprits. This does not mean that you should only eat cold foods. You can enjoy a warm meal but just avoid eating blazing hot soups and drinking hot coffee at this stage in your life. Take precautions and ease your menopausal experience.

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