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Pregnant women comfort guide

Newly pregnant women may have heard beautiful and dreadful stories about the nine months to face ahead. The horror stories may include being thirsty all the time, having excessive visits to the bathroom all night and day, turning and twisting between the pillows all night, having body pains, feeling angry for everything, and the awful bloated stomach consisting mostly of backed-up stool. Pregnant women can plan ahead and make those nine months much easier than the women with the horror stories.

Keep hydrated with a personal water supply

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Many pregnant women make the mistake of responding to their thirst only when it calls. They either get up every hour to drink a few glasses of water or they call on hubby to get it for them. This can be very tiring for an expecting mom and also a very tedious process for an expecting dad.

Pregnant women should keep at least two litres of water close to them at all times. Carrying several bottles adding up to two litres ensures that a pregnant woman fulfils her daily water quota and no one would be running to the kitchen all day.

Bring the bathroom to you

Pregnant women toilet
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Another common complaint is the frequent visits to the bathroom. Pregnant women may not be able to avoid the numerous bathroom visits at work or at the doctor’s office. However, at home they can, especially in the case where the bathroom is way down the hall.

Bring back the old time days when Granny used to pull out a chamber pot from under the bed to do her business. Nowadays, portable toilets look and feel much better. Pregnant women can relieve themselves a hundred times next to their beds without putting on their slippers and leaving the room with a bedside commode.

Make sleeping on left side more comfortable

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Pregnant women are advised to sleep on their left side because their babies get nutrients best that way. If a woman is accustomed to sleeping on her back or right side then this new instruction can send her crazy at nights.

Instead of experiencing this torture, pregnant women can add a comfortable body pillow to their beds. These pillows were designed especially for single pregnant women, but can also be used with a hubby on the bed. Not all pregnant women are too fond of hugging a person at night. These pillows do not offer the heat or smell that may annoy a woman when she is expecting.

Wear clothing that looks and feels good

No more baby tees and tight jeans, but that does not mean big t-shirts, baggy pants, granny skirts, and flowered dresses. Many pregnant women are faced with the clothing problem and may not have the energy to go shopping for a new wardrobe. They turn to their drawer of rejected clothes or use hand-me-downs from the last pregnant women in their families.

Online shopping is a great option for women who would like to go to work, the clinic, or their baby shower in style. There are many stylish outfits for pregnant women that are a few clicks away.

Stay cool at all times when pregnant

Pregnant women fan
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Even on a rainy day, the heat can become unbearable for some soon-to-be moms. These women cherish the A/C moments at home, in the car, or at the office. They dread those warm places like outside, at the bus station, a friend’s home, or their own home when the power is out.

A pregnant woman can prepare for these warm moments by keeping a portable fan wherever she goes. This is far better than using a book, newspaper, or a handheld fan that gives breeze when moved back and forth.

Listen to soothing music to keep calm

It is a known fact to most pregnant women that everyone and everything around become ten times more annoying. While everyone else blames hormones for the irritability associated with pregnancy, each expecting mom may be able to justify the absurdity of these claims.

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Some women may admit that the hormones might have lowered their ability to tolerate certain things. All in all, it is wise to keep stress levels low despite the debate concerning annoying people versus hormones.

As often as possible, pregnant women can listen to soothing music. It does not necessarily have to be Classical or Jazz, it can be anything that makes them calm based on their favourite genres of music. Instead of inconveniencing the entire household with your loud music, women may try over the ear headphones. Singing along and dancing to favourite hits throughout pregnancy can keep expecting mothers extremely calm.

Purify the air in your surroundings

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Women who suffer with sinuses can relate to it being worse when pregnant. They do not need to be hit by pollen, smoke, or dust for them to sneeze out of control. When pregnant, common household pollutants in floor mats and bathroom mildew become a woman’s worst nightmare. Almost every scent triggers her sinuses.

Keeping an air purifier in the home is beneficial to a pregnant woman’s sinuses and it also welcomes her newborn to a clean environment at his or her new home.

Get enough folic acid and ease constipation

Expecting moms hear all the time that they are not consuming enough broccoli or cauliflower daily. This is the main reason why their babies are not getting the required dosage of folic acid or why they are constantly constipated. Yes, a woman needs a lot of green leafy vegetables when pregnant and would be told so by her doctors.

However, not all pregnant women are likely to eat the necessary foods recommended or visit a doctor as they should. Taking a prenatal supplement can ensure that the baby gets the required amount of folic acid needed to be healthy and a fibre supplement would give the mother a regular bowl movement to ease constipation.

Monitor heartbeat, sugar and blood pressure

Many first time moms can relate to the anxiety associated with the need to hear their babies’ heartbeat. Numerous heartbeat prank apps are downloaded daily just to satisfy this craving. These offer an anxious mom a chance to place her phone on her stomach to “record” her baby’s heartbeat. Then, she can play back the soothing sound of a heartbeat and pretend it is her little one’s own.

Instead, of playing these games to pass the time until the next doctor’s appointment, pregnant women can monitor their babies’ heartbeats with their own device at any time during the nine months. Also, they can check their blood sugar levels and blood pressure daily with personal monitors to ensure that they are healthy at all times.

Get your daily exercise

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One common horror story associated with pregnancy is body pain. Women complain about back pain, leg cramps, stiff neck, knee joints, and headache. The most obvious reason for all this body pain is lack of exercise during pregnancy. As much as pregnant women need to sleep, get sufficient folic acid, and drink plenty water, they need to exercise.

There are many exercise options for a pregnant woman to do in the comfort of her home each day for 20 minutes. She can sit in front of her TV or computer and follow a prenatal yoga exercise on DVD or YouTube. She can walk on the spot and swing her arms in large motions. She can sit on a chair and use a foot cycle to keep the blood in her legs circulated each morning. A pregnant woman should always talk to her doctor before doing any form exercise.

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