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Bridal gowns courtesy displayed at Trincity Mall in 2016.

Choosing the perfect wedding dress

Your wedding dress is the most significant icon on your wedding day. It is the main focus in the chapel, the reception, and all your photographs, framed on your walls and stacked in your wedding albums for life. Choosing the perfect wedding dress can be an extremely difficult task for many persons. If you have been planning your wedding since age 6, you may realise that not only did the styles change from that time but your shape and size have changed too.

Sometimes the wedding dress you have dreamed about wearing your entire life turns out to be the nightmare you never want to be seen wearing. To ensure that you choose the perfect wedding dress without stressing out yourself before the big day, here are some guidelines to help you.

Your body type comes first

Before you start trying on the latest designs in the wedding dress store, discuss with your wedding consultant or the store clerk to show you the dresses that suit your body type. You don’t want to be the apple shaped bride-to-be trying on a pear shaped dress. This is not only a waste of your energy and time but can be very embarrassing when you step out of the dressing room to get the opinion of others. The last thing you need at this joyous moment is to feel uncomfortable. Start measuring your bust, waist, and hips and narrow down your options of dresses. Soon, you will be ready to find that wedding dress.

Putting a price on that perfect wedding dress

It is your wedding and you should put yourself first on your wedding budget. You should start looking at the wedding dresses that suit your body type despite the cost. Then, decide on who you must invite to your wedding.

Many couples first focus on accommodating for the guests who they think must be invited. Once the expenses for the chapel, reception hall, and the caterers of food and beverage are covered, then they allocate the balance of money to invitations, car rental, deejay and finally, dressing up themselves. This means that the bride may end up wearing a not-so-fancy wedding dress for which she has settled and a very expensive wedding reception filled with guests who just came for the food. Put your wedding dress first before your cousin who you only met once.

Choosing your wedding dress design

The wedding dress you desire may be chosen with a lot of factors to consider. Should it be mini, maxi, ball gown, fitted, chiffon, laced, strapless, long sleeved, white, cream, or labelled with your favourite fashion designer? As long as you have narrowed down your wedding dress options to your body type and a much attractive price range than what you are paying your caterers, then go wild and choose a design that makes you want to celebrate.

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