Nursing Job Vacancy April 2021 Salary $23,922- $30,000 (US)

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      Nursing Job Vacancy April 2021

      Enrolled Nursing Assistant Vacancy, Nursing Job Vacancy April 2021 Salary $23,922- $30,000 (US)

      Nursing Job Vacancy April 2021

      Nursing Manager

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      Hummingbird-Retreats Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago

      Registered Manager Required (Registered Nurse) Care & Hospitality Respite & Home

      Registered Manager (Care & Hospitality Establishment)

      Location:                Tobago (Trinidad & Tobago)

      Responsible to:      Registered Owner

      Pay                          $23,922- $30,000 (US)

      Purpose of Position

      1. To take joint responsibility with the registered owner as of the person-in-charge for the day-to-day running of all the businesses
      2. To promote a caring environment for service users through high standards of professional practice which are conducive to the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs of the service users.
      3. To ensure that each service user receives care appropriate to their individual need.
      4. To implement the requirements of the “Homes for Older Persons Act 2007” Regulations. (Tobago)
      5. To adhere to all policies and procedures issued by the company, embedding them into good practice across the organisation. 

      Principal Responsibilities

      1. The day-to-day running of the business:

      a)   to manage the day-to-day running of the organisation and to act as person-in-charge whenever asked by the registered owner.

      b)   to provide all relevant information and leaflets to prospective new service users and to visit them in their home for a discussion

      c)   To arrange assessment visits as required.

      d)   to decide whether the business can meet the personal care needs of any prospective service user.

      e)   to ensure that each new service user receives a written copy of the “terms and conditions” of engagement and ensure that each service user and, where appropriate, their representative or carer understands them.

      f)    to investigate complaints, take appropriate action and report to the registered owner.

      g)   To liaise with and co-operate with Ministry inspectors and inspections.

      h)   To liaise and co-operate with External Partners.

      1. Service user care:

      a)   to ensure that the emotional, spiritual, physical, medical, and material needs of the service users are recognised, assessed and met.

      b)   to support service users in the taking of decisions in matters which affect their lifestyle

      c)   to make or contribute to the assessment of need of each service user in conjunction with the service user, relevant professional agencies and, where appropriate, the service user’s family, and develop a Service User Plan which provides a satisfactory quality of life for that person

      d)   to promote relationships that enable each service user to participate in the life of the local community to the maximum of their ability

      e)   to ensure the provision of healthcare arrangements which may include the ordering, recording and, where appropriate, the administration of prescribed medication

      f)    to be responsible with the registered owner for the efficient running of the domestic character of the business which will include ensuring that the dietary needs of service users are met, ensuring that good standard of food presentation are maintained, ensuring that supplies are ordered and ensuring that good standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained

      g)   to ensure the provision of care including that which may be provided by a competent and caring relative and which may include terminal care, under the direction of the doctor and with the support of the community nursing service.

      h)   To safeguard service users from abuse and acting immediately to report the situation, following the organisation’s policies and procedures including any statutory notification to appropriate Regulations.

      3.   Staff matters: 

      a)   to assist the registered owner with recruitment, appointment, and deployment of all staff

      b)   to assist the registered owner to ensure that there is good communication with and between staff and to arrange staff meetings

      c)   to ensure that effective induction, supervision, and assessment of staff is carried out and that training needs are identified and met.

      d)   to ensure that employment protection legislation is implemented

      e)   To arrange staff rotas.

      f)    To ensure that all staff have the necessary training, qualification, and skills to undertake the tasks required.


      a)   to advise the registered owner of any malfunction of the heating, lighting or emergency systems and ensure the security of the premises

      b)   to ensure that the fire regulations are complied with and advise the person-in-control if there are areas of risk

      c)   to ensure that legislation and regulations concerning environmental health, infection control, building control, planning and health and safety are complied with, and to advise the person-in-control accordingly where the action is required

      d)   to assess service users’ homes regarding health and safety and infection control issues and provide advice to staff regarding safe and healthy working practices in the field.

      1. Finance:

      a)   to be responsible for the monitoring and control of day-to-day expenditure within the limits prescribed by the registered owner

      b)   to prepare budgets and monthly cash flow reports for the person-in-control and to ensure that adequate accounting and financial records systems are in operation

      c)   to ensure that service users are, wherever possible, supported in retaining the responsibility of their own money and financial arrangements

      d)   to ensure that, where a service user is assessed as incapable of handling their own financial affairs, their money is handled properly and with the utmost probity and that records are kept of all financial transactions.

      Person Specification — Essential Criteria

      The following qualities are considered essential for the post of Registered manager:

      1. At least two years’ experience in a senior management capacity within the previous five years
      2. Must possess a Nursing Degree.
      3. Possess a Police Certificate of good character dated within the last 6 months
      4. Two recent testimonials
      5. Able to take responsibility
      6. Leadership skills
      7. A self-motivated individual who is organised, flexible and caring.
      8. Mentally and physically able to cope under pressure.

      7.   An active team player but also able to work on their own initiative

      8.   A good communicator

      9.   Committed to high standards

      10. Committed to training. (First Aid, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR),& Food and Nutrition

      All staff are required to respect the confidentiality of all matters that they might learn during their employment. All staff are expected to meet the requirements under” Protection of Clients Information.”

      All staff must ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities under the Health and Safety and Fire Services

      Apply Now

      We have a number of vacancies for our villas in Tobago, please email us an updated CV/Resume, if you wish to apply for any of the below roles:

      • Registered Nurse (Manager)
      • Care Assistant
      • Senior Cook
      • Cooks / Kitchen Assistant
      • Domestic Assistant
      • Security / Safety Officer
      • Administrative Office / Receptionist
      • Activities Coordinator

      We will be providing an element of training in both Hospitality and Health and Social Care, as we would like a staff to provide the best service with a very high standard of care.

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