NIB Vacancy December 2020

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      NIB Vacancy December 2020

      NIB Vacancy December 2020, National Insurance Board Vacancy

      NIB Vacancy December 2020

      Legal Officer

      National Insurance Board (NIB)

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      The successful candidate would be required to provide legal services to the National Insurance Board of Trinidad and Tobago.


      • advise and provide opinions to the NIBTT on legal matters, including liability, rights and obligations thereof.
      • prepare, draft or review legal documents, including but not limited to contracts, leases, conveyances, bonds, securities, bills of sale, mortgages, deeds of variation, deeds of release and other instruments
      • recover contributions, penalty and interest and mortgage arrears from defaulting employers and mortgagors.
      • represent the NIBTT: at the National Insurance Appeals Tribunal and/or any other Tribunal; as instructing and advocate attorney (if required) at the Industrial Court, Magistrates’ Court, High Court and Court of Appeal.
      • review and advise the NIBTT on pursuing criminal proceedings against and/or on behalf of the National Insurance System.
      • liaise with external Attorneys with respect to the NIBTT’s legal portfolio including the preparation of briefs to external counsel.
      • research National Insurance legislation, Constitution, statutes, decisions, regulations, ordinances of quasi-judicial bodies and related topics required to inform advice and write opinions to ensure the optimum functioning of the NIBTT.
      • manage the performance of immediate subordinates, providing advice on technical and administrative matters and providing training as required.
      • monitor & evaluate performance of subordinate staff through implementation of Performance Management System, including the conduct of annual performance appraisals.
      • ensure that Training Needs Reports are informed and submitted for approval in order to equip staff with the necessary Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Attributes required to achieve approved objectives;
      • promote compliance with the NIBTT’s Corporate Policies, Procedures & Instructions related to: Human Resource Management, including Industrial Agreements; and, Health, Safety, Security and the Environment, including relevant elements of the OSH Act.
      • assist with managing the equipment, operating systems and supplies, information and physical amenities necessary for the efficient and effective conduct of the Department’s business and the maintenance of a healthy and safe work environment.
      • assist with the assessment of recommendations arising out of the conduct of audits and system reviews, and the implementation of approved action items where necessary;
      • implement, monitor & evaluate relevant risk mitigation strategies contained in the Business Unit’s Operational Plan identified by the Executive Management Team
      • co-operate with and provide assistance to Internal and External Auditors, and internal Compliance and Risk Managers with regard to access to, or provision of information, records and responses required for preparation of financial statements as well as audit and risk reports.
      • assist with the provision of training on the National Insurance Act and legal subject areas.
      • assist with the development of recommendations for amendments to the National Insurance Act and drafting required legislation.
      • assist with the review of decisions of the National Insurance Appeals Tribunal to determine validity for Judicial Review
      • assist with developing and reviewing policies, procedures and other mandates as required and when requested.
      • assist with the preparation of and review departmental reports, annual budgets and departmental strategic business plans.
      • participate in the management decision-making process as a member of the NIBTT’s Senior Management Team.
      • represent the Legal Services Unit on Internal and External Committees as directed by the Manager Legal Services, Executive Manager Legal Services or Chief Operating Officer Corporate Services, and co-ordinate the Unit’s efforts in meeting the approved objectives of the particular committee.
      • perform other related duties as requested.


      • Bachelor of Law Degree (Honors) from a reputable and accredited University
      • Legal Education Certificate or equivalent
      • Current Practicing Certificate from the Supreme Court of Trinidad and Tobago
      • LLM (Corporate and Commercial) will be an asset
      • Minimum three (3) years of experience as a practicing Attorney at Law within any commonwealth jurisdiction (in civil litigation will be an asset)
      • A minimum one (1) year experience in a corporate environment
      • Any equivalent combination of education and experience


      • Knowledge of law
      • Legal Method – Understanding, analyzing and applying legal rules and principles
      • Business Administration – Knowledge of how to manage all or part of an organization by developing strategies, planning, allocating resources (human, financial, material, intellectual or intangible), controlling procedures and evaluating outcomes.
      • Knowledge of National Insurance Act Companies Act and other compliance and regulatory legislation applicable to the NIBTT.
      • Active Listening
      • Analysing
      • Technical Writing
      • Multi-tasking
      • Complex Problem-solving
      • Researching
      • Strategizing
      • Time Management

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      NIB Vacancy December 2020

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      NIB Vacancy December 2020

      NIB Vacancy December 2020

      NIB Vacancy December 2020

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