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      BLUE WATERS PRODUCTS LIMITED VACANCY, Blue Waters Job Vacancies, Blue Waters Vacancies Oct, 2020


      DEADLINE: December 30, 2020

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      Ensure the continuous production of first class products containing sugar. Aids in getting the maximum yield of the raw
      materials required for production


      1. Create simple syrup, mixing sugar and water in the right concentrations.
      2. Measurement BRIX, sensory evaluation of the simple syrup.
      3. Comply with schedule to ensure that they keep up with schedule.
      4. Hook up the lines.
      5. Assist the compounder on the operation of the syrup room.
      6. Follow up on schedule on time.
      7. Comply with all documentation and fill out form procedures.
      8. Document all GMP violations and corrective measures taken.
      9. Maintain clean work area through good housekeeping and sanitation practices.
      10. Follow all Food Safety and Quality Assurance Policies and Procedures.


      • Five (5) CXC subjects – inclusive of (1) Science Subject.
      • Minimum one (1) year’s experience in a similar capacity preferred.

      Apply Now 


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      Blue Waters Products Limited established in the year 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago has grown to be an iconic Caribbean brand over the years and is now the preferred brand of bottled purified drinking water in the Caribbean. The company started with a dream and with just 12 employees, including just one salesman and two trucks, the ensuing growth over the last fifteen years led to the company now being a dominant force in the markets in which the company chooses to profitably operate. With over 500 good souls in Trinidad, the company now operates a modern facility in Orange Grove which can be simply described as world class by international beverage manufacturing standards, where it bottles water, sourced from an artesian well underground, filtered and purified, bottled and distributed to customers across the Caribbean region. Owned and operated by Mr. Dominic Hadeed, his vision for the company is to provide one bottle a day of high quality healthy beverages to every man, woman and child in the English speaking Caribbean. It is here, the employees of Blue Waters Products Limited find their mission, “To Profitably Inspire and Delight those we choose to serve, with Quality, Functional and Great Tasting Beverages!” Here are some key milestones in the Blue Waters journey:

      Blue Waters Milestones

      Blue Waters established Starting with 12 employees, including only one salesman
      Blue Waters acquired Aqua Pur an existing purified bottle water company
      Blue Waters became the second largest shareholder in Banks Barbados, and started distributing Pine Hill Milk and Juices.
      Blue Waters acquired Pernod Ricard’s local agricultural and alcohol distribution business, with brands such as Chivas Regal Whisky, Stolichnaya Vodka, Malibu Rum, Jacob’s Creek and Wyndham Estate wines.
      Blue Waters became the authorised distributor of Monster Energy, which has now become the number one energy brand in Trinidad and Tobago.
      Blue Waters entered a joint venture to form Vending Plus, which is now the largest Beverage vending business in Trinidad and Tobago.
      Blue Waters established a Joint Venture distribution business in St Maarten, and recently launched Miller Beer on the island.
      Blue Waters established a Joint Venture with Pepsi Company Trinidad
      Blue Waters moved into a new 250,000 square feet Orange Grove facility
      Blue Waters established a new plant in St Lucia.

      Blue Waters Source

      Have you ever wondered where does the water for Blue Waters bottled water come from? The answer is easy, it’s from an artesian well! This artesian well is located in Orange Grove, at the manufacturing facilities of Blue Waters. You are probably thinking now, what is an artesian well? Let’s answer this for you. An artesian well is created when pressure builds up below the ground, becoming great enough that water flows naturally to the surface. The name “artesian” is derived from Artois, France, where such wells were sunk as early as 1126. In some instances, a well is drilled into an aquifer, a water-bearing layer of porous rock. The aquifer lies between two impervious layers of rock, that is, layers of rock through which water cannot pass. The weight of the water held in the upper portions of the aquifer results in the pressure that forces water to rise in the well. Where there is a natural opening in the impervious layer above an aquifer, water is sometimes forced to the surface, forming an artesian spring. The water in many artesian systems is pure, while in others it is strongly mineralized. Our water is sourced directly from one such aquifer to supply our state-of-the-art bottling plant with the natural water that goes into Blue Waters products. Blue Waters then purifies this artesian well water, bottles it and then delivers directly to our customers from our facilities. We take tremendous pride in our prompt and efficient delivery service, as well as our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Read more about our manufacturing and bottling process in the following section.


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