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Memorable Valentine’s gifts on a budget!

By Nerissa Hosein. I love Valentine’s Day but these last couple of years I am fed up of the traditional and completely commercial take on this once sweet, sexy holiday! As for gifts, I am fed up of the teddy

bears, lingerie and chocolates that I have to see everywhere I go. So these last few years, I have tried to come up with my own spin on V-Day! Here’s a few easy to do, affordable but cute gifts that can be easy on the wallet but heavy in the heart’s memory!

Homemade dinner for two

Why go to a crowded, overpriced restaurant that serves a buffet with their most unpopular dishes? No privacy, no romance there and a maxed out credit card at the end of the night! Why not cook a romantic dinner, set the mood for your love with songs you both like, few candles and the air will be ready for romance!

Name a star

Who doesn’t want a star named after them? This is truly a unique, romantic and thoughtful gift. There

are many sites online that you can do this on and it starts at approximately $150TT, which is more than you’d spend on a teddy bear and a few roses.

Creating an “us” scrap book

I know this might be kind of challenging for the guys, but trust me any girl would love this!  Creating a book or DVD with your special moments, memories, songs and even old love letters! This would melt any girl’s heart and also show her the time and effort you took to put this all together.

Adopt and save a life

If your sweetheart has the room, time and love to give, why not take them to the shelter and let them choose their own little bundle of joys! Trinidad has many animals waiting to find a home. It’s a good

feeling knowing you spent your money helping place an animal in a safe environment, your sweetheart will get a new pet to enjoy and the love you get in return will last longer than the overpriced roses!

Not typical gifts

They may not be the typical Valentine’s Day gifts but they will cost less and last longer than most of the store bought gift options! So this Valentine’s, take a chance and do something different, it will certainly be appreciated!

Happy Valentine’s!!!

February 2015 – Issue 14

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