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El Dorado Secondary reunion – Class of 1997

By Nerissa Hosein. For some people high school is a place they want to forget, but for us, the students of El Dorado, it is simply some of the best days of our lives that we cherish and jump at the chance to relive and reminisce at any chance we get. The Class of ’97 Committee, El Dorado West Secondary School held its 18-year reunion on the school grounds at Target Road, El Dorado on November 14, 2015.

Close friends worked on the idea

The friendships we formed at El Dorado were ones that we still hold dear to and many of us from that period are still very close. I myself being part of the planning committee was very happy that we were able to pull off such an event, along with my close friends Treneiceia Charles, Tenille Trotman and Damien Charles. We four worked on the idea for months and were able to execute a simple, yet fun and effective reunion for our old classmates.

Thanks to the excellent planning done by Ms Charles we were able to surprise our guests with two members of our past faculty, one of which was our excellent and well loved principal Mrs Rohelr. The other being our beloved History teacher Mrs Blizzard.

El Dorado

Teacher with an iron fist and golden heart

Lots of people talk about high school and glaze over certain memories. But ask anyone who went “El Do Brown” as the school is called, and bet you, no one will utter a bad word about Mrs Rohelr – the woman with the iron fist and golden heart.

Mrs Rohelr was a strict principal but was fair to each and every one of us. It was a highlight to the reunion to have such a wonderful woman grace us once again with her presence.

Mrs Blizzard was also well loved and respected among us. She gave the most homework of any teacher, but she was such a charismatic teacher that we didn’t even notice all the late nights and aching hands. We always aimed to please her.

The reunion was filled with old classmates who wanted nothing but to reminisce and have a good time. Damien Charles who is now the owner of Asia’s Catering Services supplied us with a well stocked buffet and bar. His food was excellent and only left us wanting more.

El Dorado school song

After 18 years, the school has not changed much. It was such a good feeling to walk those halls again. I could still hear my El Dorado school song in my ears, pushing us and motivating us to succeed and above all, always remember “at El Dorado we are one”.

It certainly was a trip down memory lane. The night went on and old friends hugged and danced and we all promised to do it soon again.

It was a great night at the El Dorado West Secondary School. It was a night to remember. My high school days will always be a part of me. As the song says, “At El Dorado we are ONE!”

December 2015 – Issue 19

Active learning in the classroom

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