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Agent of change Patricia Rampersad

By Kielon Hilaire. These days it often seems that everyone wants to change something – their hair, job, car, and even their overall identity. You see a world filled with people who could end up changing everything but the progression of the world itself. Here is an agent of change who is capable of changing many things for better with simple actions.

An agent of change with a gentle demeanour

Patricia Rampersad will get someone to quit smoking, stop swearing and straying from a destructive life without doing much. She enjoys socialising, mentoring and transforming the minds of individuals, especially those young and still developing. People notice her gentle demeanour, non-judgemental attitude and what she stands for. She can change the world.

I once witnessed an incident when she was the assistant manager of a popular video game store and a well-dressed man anxiously got rid of his cigarette before approaching her at the counter. He told her that he had great respect for her. At the time there was “Jesus music” playing in the background, so some may think that her faith is what influences people to live better lives.

Patricia accepts being an agent of change

She has a loving husband, two beautiful girls and she is an aspiring librarian from the borough of Arima. She is pursuing her degree in Library and Information studies at the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT), where she is currently employed at the school’s library.

She states, “Librarians are the custodians of our culture and are our future assets in the continuous educational system because they are challenged daily to find creative ways of retrieving different sets of information and using it to best satisfy the requests of endless professions.” Today, Patricia accepts that she can be a medium for change and likes being a beacon of light and hope to others.

Appreciative of nature and life

She recalls her life growing up that may have contributed to her peaceful persona. As a child (one of six siblings) she used to visit the Cleaver Woods Recreational Park every Sunday to bathe and fill drinking water. Her July and August vacations were usually spent in Paria Bay enjoying the lovely view of springs, rivers, and eating great tasting mammy apples, padoos, cocoas, sugar apples and sapodillas.

She also remembers going to Gran Riviere later on in life and witnessing a leatherback turtle, in a trance-like state, laying eggs and carefully burying them in the sand, after which the turtle patted them neatly with her fin. These memories helped her appreciate nature and life, arguably the two most important things needed for consistently embracing positive change.

Vision for Trinidad and Tobago’s culture

Patricia also has a vision for Trinidad and Tobago’s culture and it is to see more homes unite, more people have a greater love for God and mankind and she hopes to someday assist in establishing a community development programme in each area of the country so that everyone can help keep our beautiful T&T sweet.

June 2014 – Issue 10

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