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Clifton Hill Beach Resort birthday lime

By Annisa Phillip. My friends and I visited the Clifton Hill Beach Resort to celebrate two of my friends’ birthdays with lunch and a beach lime. The resort is really quite lovely with its eye-catching water features, plants and restaurant decor. The plan was to chit-chat and old talk over food and drinks then head to the beach for a dip.

Unfortunately, we didn’t eat at the resort since none of us wanted what was on the menu. We hoped that it was simply due to choosing the wrong day of the week. So we resorted to ordering fast food.

Clifton Hill offers live entertainment

At the beach, there were music and entertainment which included a nearby man wining his way across the beach.

Later in the evening, there were awkward minutes that passed as a random man stood near us chatting with a male friend and making some really odd comments when asked to leave. He clearly wanted to enjoy our group’s vibes as well.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves as the water was not too cold so we went straight in swimming, splashing and playing casual games. With water and vibes not much more was needed. Great company can turn any experience into a blast. Nothing can cramp our style.

December 2014 – Issue 13

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