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Sweets or Methai in Hindi by Reshma

By Simone Charles. Reshma Persad of Roy Mootoo Avenue, Sangre Grande, says that she sells Indian delicacies as her livelihood. She explains that ”Methai is the Hindi word for sweets. I have been in this business only about a year and it has been really good! I get orders from all over the country and even to send abroad. My other customers are from banks and a lot of businesses from companies for the Divali period. I also cater for weddings.”

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Sweet-hand for sweets

I asked her what made her enter this business and she said, ”Girl, people loved my sweets and kept telling me to get into it.” I complimented her, ”I guess you had a sweet-hand for sweets!” I’m sure she has because she sells delicacies that I or some of you haven’t even heard of. She names them, ”Kurma, goolab jamaam, peera, barfi, jellaby, ladoo, ras gulla, ras malai, mohanbhog, eggless cakes, eggless tiramisu, puffs, somosas and apple pie, which is a best seller.”

I was very impressed by her sweets and surprised with what some of it were made. Reshma states, ”Ras malai is made from ricotta and submerged in a milky creamy sauce, while Mohanbhog is commonly known as Parsad.” She has something for everyone and to fit your pocket as well. ”I sell my kurma at 12 for $2 and the barfi for $3. The cakes start from $150. She says that she wants to be competitive and that is exactly the type of approach one should have when in these types of businesses.

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Orders are large for weddings and Divali

Having come to know that she makes all those delicacies, I questioned if she has any assistance with those orders. She states: ”It depends on how large the orders are, some days are full-time others are part-time. However, usually for weddings or at Divali time I employ workers. I have a separate kitchen at home other than my personal one. My customers would order by way of phone call and then come and collect their sweets.”

Upon closing of our interview, being so astounded, I said to Reshma that she should she consider advertising her sweets in local supermarkets to attract a wider audience and also because I and I’m pretty sure that you too would enjoy seeing her sweets in your neighbourhood supermarket.

If you are interested in ordering any of her delicacies for whatever event you are hosting, you can email her at

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