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What really happened, what went wrong?

By Chantelle Wilson. “Plastered on the screen was my very best friend. He really said he down with me to the end. What really happened, what went wrong?

What went wrong with this place?

Sitting in my gallery talking to my friends

Thinking of ways we think our lives may end

Really strange topic you think it’s taboo

But the way things going it isn’t cool

De place get grimey and yet life goes on

What really happens, what really goes on?

Let me tell you something, listen attentively

I’m going to show the cycle of crime in T&T

Bought a new car last month and I said thank God

Woke up one morning to see my rims and lights gone

I wasn’t too shocked, really wasn’t surprised

But then I started to feel anger burning inside

What really happens what really goes on?


Called my bredderin up and showed him the scene

Bout the disrespect that was done to me

He said very calmly, “Don’t you worry bout a thing,

I go make a swing up and get back your things”

I pouted petulantly, I hung up the phone,

I listened to Montano as I plugged in my iPhone

Curiosity oozed through my veins

And reprisal filled my heart leaving a stain

What really happens, what really goes on?

Front page and headline news the very next day

Reads big “shoot out over theft on Broadway”

Before I can even think who it could be

I was stabbed in the heart by reality

Plastered on the screen was my very best friend

He really said he down with me to the end

What really happened, what went wrong?

“Killers for hire” reads the Newsday

6 murders on weekend says the lower page

Woman murders woman about 6:30

And just two hours later man was gunned in Laventille


What really happened, what went wrong?

Looking at the mirror, searching desperately

To see and perceive what could have been done differently

We often blame those who did us wrong

We then feel shame when the spotlight is on

Thinking of how good we have it in T&T

Especially when education is for free

At universities like COSTAATT, UWI, and UTT

And vocational schools like Servol and NESC

Negative imagery holds us down

Time and again we give up with a frown

Wanting more than the promises made to us, told to us, lied to us


Wanting more promises we can trust

We start off sharing love because of what we got

But then folks say they’re happy when they’re really not

Cry ourselves to sleep a couple of times to hide the pain

Then we fall into the world and change

Not noticing the route to the pain

Really it is with you, there you’ll find change

The Andrew Lewis Foundation is blooming nationally

Beautiful sisters are going up for Miss T&T

The confusion, tribulation, delusion of your heart

Will stop, get better when you realise your art

Yes the crime in T&T is spinning fast

And sometimes it’s better not to ask

I’m going to tell you something, listen attentively

The cycle of crime can only stop when you say, “It starts with me!”


October 2013 – Issue 6 

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