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Keep the burglars out of your home

You can keep the burglars out of your home by following some simple steps that we at Sweet TnT Magazine would like to share with you:

Ensure that your property is always secured. When you perform the duties on your list that you need to get done before Christmas morning be very careful. If you are working at the back of the house, ensure that your doors and windows to the front are locked and secured. Likewise, when you move to the front or side, make sure that areas that are out of your line of sight are locked and secured. You don’t want someone to gain access to your property while you are distracted on the other side of the house.

Dispose of the packaging of expensive items. If you have purchased high-end items as gifts or just to use in the house like a new smart TV or phone and you place the box or packaging for them at the front of your house, then you are basically advertising what you have inside. Tear up boxes and packaging and place them into black garbage bags just before garbage pick-up. For larger items like refrigerators and stoves, call your local municipal corporation. They have large item pick-up services available.

Return home from shopping trips during the daylight hours. If you shop until the store closes and get home at night time you are putting yourself at risk to be a target for burglars and carjackers. Burglars and carjackers are known to follow persons from the mall to their home at night so they could rob their homes or steal their vehicles. Be mindful of your surroundings and who may be watching.

Emergency preparedness

Every household should have a prearranged emergency plan, one that has been tried and tested. All members of the household should know emergency numbers and what appropriate action should be taken for the given emergency. For instance in the event of a fire everyone should know which exit has been designated as the house emergency exit. We all value our home and possessions as a result the average house has been equipped with “burglar proofing” (anti-burglar bars)on windows and doors. Ensure that at least one is removable so if you need to evacuate the house in the event of an emergency you can do so to avoid tragedy.

On each floor of your home you should have at least 1 smoke detector and fire extinguisher. For personal emergencies ensure that there is a well stocked first aid kit. you never know when you may need it. There should be also a well stocked emergency kit in the event of some unforeseen natural disaster i.e. earthquake or hurricane. Items such as batteries, flashlights and enough food to last approximately 24 to 48 hours.

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