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Improve your intelligence daily

Are you feeling forgetful lately? Do you wonder what happened to the intelligent person you were just when you finished school? Life happened to you and you forgot who you were. You got caught up in the rat race living life monotonously from day to day trying to make ends meet from pay cheque to pay cheque. Your dreams drift further away as your memory becomes dormant and you promise yourself to fix this problem as fast as the bills reach your door. At present, you may not be able to fulfill all your dreams but you can improve your intelligence daily with two steps and start to bounce back your life.

Improve your intelligence with material of substance

Some people read, others prefer video and audio, whatever your preference select material of substance to indulge yourself into daily. If you choose to read or listen to novels and self help books, go for the ones that are top of the list among scholars and recommended for liberal arts university students. Improve your intelligence by possessing the same knowledge as highly educated persons.

If you prefer articles published online or in print, read those written by scholars in a field of interest to you. Reading or listening to articles on a variety of fields whether science, law, medicine, health, or literature can widen your knowledge on many subjects. You would definitely improve your intelligence in no time if you expose yourself to scholarly articles.

If you rather watch videos, keep your television on a channel that can teach you something. It’s better to talk about what you’ve learned on the History and Discovery channels than to have absolutely nothing to say about the mindless sitcoms and action movies that you watched all weekend. You will feel more confident when your intelligence is improved.

Improve your intelligence by keeping a notebook on you

As you read or listen to novels and articles or watch documentaries daily, you would be bombarded with new information. Just like you did with your notebook back in school when your teacher said something interesting, you should keep a notebook on you at all times for recording information. Write down every new word you see and its meaning and take notes of anything you find fascinating as you learn. When you visit the bathroom or just before you go to bed read through your notebook of new information and improve your intelligence every day.

February 2018

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