tableland food fiesta

Tableland food fiesta – supporting local farmers

By Marika Mohammed. In the rural area of Tableland, a variety of exotic fruits were displayed for sampling and purchasing. It was quite a wild ride as the turnout exceeded one’s imagination in this small community.

Tableland food fiesta. Strawberry plant.

It was a tourist hot spot fit for locals. There were so many things to see. The variety for floral both exquisite and rare, fruits and vegetables as big as a toddler with a weight to match and food made from the fruits and veggies displayed.

Tableland food fiesta. Fruits on display.
Tableland food fiesta. Creative food display.

When entering the first thing one sees is the artistic display made from fruits and vegetables such as the pineapple and the pumpkin. Then the scents of chows, pepper sauces, and other delicacies encapsulate the air.

Tableland food fiesta!

Healthy and delicious food in Tableland

Locals were educated on the variety of healthy and delicious food grown right here in Trinidad. It was astonishing to see a strawberry bush being grown in Trinidad. A strawberry on a bush, not in a container, before my very eyes! How awesome is that! These farmers are incredible! There is no need for importing foreign products where local is thriving. The possibilities that can be achieved by supporting local living and living locally.

Tableland Food Expo - ladies sell their spicy products.

Sugarcane demonstration

They demonstrated the immense ways fruits and vegetables can be used. There was even an individual who showed the public how he gets sugarcane juice. It’s amazing to even see sugarcane these days. His noisy contraption attracts everyone to viewing how sugarcane becomes sugarcane juice.

It was wonderful to notice how many people come out to show their support to the local farmers as well as enjoying themselves seeing, eating and learning about what our Trinidad has to offer not only to the wider society but to our own communities.

October 2014 – Issue 12

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