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Growing up memories – sugar cake, senna purge

By Annisa Phillip. Times are changing, times are constantly changing, they say that the only constant in life is change, so you never really know what to expect. While growing up there were certain things that were expected. For example it was expected in most families that Sunday lunch was a shared family meal, in many cases the only meal shared among family members. As we are on the topic of food, it was expected that the potato salad in your lunch would have beet root and boiled egg and the salad would contain watercress.

You were sure to get chicken or some kind of meat in the food on Sunday when we were growing up.

Sunday evening sweets like cake, sugar cake, fudge, cookies, and sweetbread were a must so as to have snacks for the week.

Soup was a guaranteed meal on Saturdays and chicken foot soup was dedicated to the ailing child.

The two month hiatus that was the July/August vacation would find you visiting family members, playing with your cousins… first cousins, second cousins, some cousins who were not even blood relative but were cousins according to your parents.

Uncomfortable growing up moments

Of course there were also the unpleasant moments while growing up. If it was one time you were sure you were going to have to take a purge and drink senna was just before you went back to school during the July/August vacation.

It didn’t matter how much you detested the thing, how much you protested against it, one way or the other you were going to drink it, if you did not have it simply brewed in water you were going to have it in your tea.

Then, when you got back to school after vacation you were always given an essay from your teacher to write, and the topic was always about what you did for vacation. I can’t say that I miss having to do that. The vacation may have been fun but was it really necessary to tell the entire class about it? Some readers may have enjoyed doing that though.

Playing games involved physically interacting with your friends and family, using a ball, stone, rope and your body.

Unlike today where most games are played solo and are stationary.

Guess what folks, it’s when you are all grown up that you realise that you value those little things, some of which you may have taken for granted as a child.

Life is about change but one thing I am sure we miss about childhood is not having bills to pay. Share the moments folks, share the fun, life is not going to stop changing.

August 2015 – Issue 17

Share with us your experiences of growing up.

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