Give your recipes a professional touch
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How to give your recipes the professional touch

If you want to share the secrets of your kitchen success, it’s time to put pen to paper and get your recipes out there once and for all.

Don’t let your family’s tasty treats get lost in a sea of badly written recipes, make sure you stand out with fabulous description and easy-to-follow instructions.

Use these top tips to create beautiful food and share your recipes with the world.

Writing a successful food blog doesn’t have to be stressful

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Top tips for sharing your recipes with the world

Be specific

There’s nothing worse than an under salted or too sweet dish that could have been saved by clearer instructions.

A “dash of Sherry”, is not specific enough and will mean different amounts to different people, instead try and use universal measurements that can be easily converted.

If you’re measuring liquids in millilitres, stick to millilitres and similarly stay on the same page with cooking temperatures. However, if you can convert cooking temperatures then do help readers by offering a choice of Fahrenheit, Celsius or gas mark.

If you know that some types of appliances are likely to cook faster than others, put approximate cooking times in, for example: cook for 18 to 25 minutes. To make this even clearer consider adding a visual aid such as: until the crust turns brown.

Do make sure that you test your recipes out following the instructions you have set down, just to make sure there are no mistakes. Then let a friend do the same, a fresh pair of eyes will pick out anything you’ve missed.






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Check and check again

Don’t let spelling mistakes or poor grammar hold you back from creating your recipes. If you need a little help to write about your culinary masterpiece, then take a look at these tools below. Each one is designed to check grammar and spelling or act as a proofreading and writing guide. Again, consider asking a friend to double-check your work after you’ve finished.

Introduce your dish

Instead of just launching into a long list of ingredients or the methodology, take a few sentences to describe how the finished article will look, taste and smell. Adding these sensual touches will allow the reader to really get a feel of what it is they’re working towards.

You can even give a brief history of your recipe and how it came to be in your collection. In your paragraph you might suggest where to source ingredients or any variations for ingredients that might be seasonal or hard to get hold of. 

Make sure you list the ingredients in order of use, as this gives the reader a better overview of how your recipes work. Avoid using brand names and instead use the generic options, this will help give your recipes a more global appeal.

Leah Kelly, a Culinary Writer at Subjecto, said: “Adding a personal piece of writing will really bring your recipe to life but if you want to give it a professional touch then you should consider an image to accompany it. The image should be attractive but also attainable, so the reader has a goal to reach.”

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Be methodical in your methodology

It may seem obvious but think through how you plan to instruct your reader on cooking your recipes. Maybe you have a slightly quirky way of creating your dish, or some shortcuts that only you know about. While that’s fine for you, the expert, someone reading your recipe for the first time will need a more logical approach.

Go through each stage and write down the order in sequence so that it makes perfect sense. Try and strike a balance between not ordering every single action and leaving out vital information that leaves the reader guessing what to do next.

To make your instructions even easier to follow, consider creating sub headings for each part of the dish. Finish by giving instructions on how to serve your food and any side dishes that might accompany it.

Make sure you test as you go and you’ll be able to correct any steps that don’t quite make sense. By following these four simple tips you’ll be sharing your unique recipes with the world in no time and have your readers cooking up a storm.

Author: Jenny Han is a blogger and writer.


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