Agribusiness development and consultancy services

Enjoy professional agribusiness development and consultancy services

“We emphasise and encourage the use of environmentally friendly inputs, materials, means and practices.” Riyadh Mohammed, a livestock scientist, entrepreneur and the lead consultant of R and K Tropical Agriculture Production Ltd, shares insights about his company’s agribusiness development and consultancy services.

It all started when I saw the big gap for paid professionals in our food production and nutrition security private sector.

Making this observation allowed me to realise that many food production stakeholders needed service outside of the conventional working hours of 8 am to 4 pm on weekdays.

I have always been a very practical hands-on individual, and I was driven by nature to pursue excellence, hence my dedicated studies over the years, even without the monetary compensation.

I was further engulfed by the increasing responsibilities of life which led to me to opening a consultancy agency and pursuing my dreams as an Agriculture Consultant, both nationally and regionally.

To this date, I am grateful for my internal drive of problem solving, as this has landed me several international collaborations, jobs and awards. 

Farmer struggles with dry season and thieves

Screenshot 2022 07 10 223307

Household Sprayer


1. Extended straw: The sprayer has an extended straw that can reach the bottom of most bottles.
2. Adjustable nozzle: The sprayer has an adjustable nozzle, two spray modes, aerosol and water column.
3. Convenient installation: The product is operated with one-button, simple and convenient.
4. Strong material: The product is made of pp material, which is strong and durable.
5. Thread design: The product has a thread design, which rotates tightly and does not leak.

Was TT$43.32 Now TT$25.99 for 1 sprayer

Was TT$75.81 Now TT$45.48 for 2 sprayers

Experiences with customers in the agribusiness company

I had the pleasure of aiding several dozen customers over the years from simple tasks such as home gardening tips and lectures to technical training at the tertiary education level to securing multi-million-dollar loans and grants for commercial food producers and suppliers. This was a thrill to know that a simple guy like me could have this much meaningful impact. 

Also, I have had several clients that did not pay for my service or pay off their debts even though contracts were signed on both sides. I have considered these acts of charity, as someone would have benefitted from the growing or consumption of food. It was a learning lesson, and experience. 

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Agribusiness development and consultancy services

About the agribusiness development and consultancy company

RKTAP is a limited liability company that germinated in early 2007 as an agricultural consultancy firm. It has grown and expanded over the years to accommodate agronomic, livestock, wildlife and engineering services, agro-processing innovations and stakeholder support services at all levels.

The company has Consultant Partners with many years of experience in various sectors that include: Agriculture/ Horticulture, Social Sector Service Provision, Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Training & Capacity Building, Crop and Livestock Science, Structural Engineering and Water Engineering. Our focus is to grow and develop the Triple Bottom Line; People, Planet, Profit!

The company’s vision is to be the leading agribusiness development and consultancy company in the Neo tropical region by promoting sustainable and circular agribusinesses to improve the livelihoods of all vulnerable groups, rural communities and developing countries.

The mission is to provide relevant, practical and modern agribusiness solutions to tropical food production and nutrition security stakeholders, through the provision of professional products and services as genuine partners.

Dad and Mom, farming in Felicity

From subsistence farming to degrees and entrepreneurship

Riyadh’s earliest memories of farming started as subsistence farming with his family. As a 4th generation descendant of indentured labourers, Riyadh knew about building a relationship with the earth for not only sustenance but a means of survival.

He speaks lovingly of his grandfather “Pape” who grew up in the canefields from the age of 7 to assist his parents in financially supporting his 12 other siblings. Riyadh’s life revolved around agriculture, so much so that the typical passions of adolescents – video games and sports were not his interests.

His certifications include a Master of Business Administration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, a Master of Science in Tropical Animal Science and Production (Dist), a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and Technology (Hons.), and a Diploma in General Agriculture (Hons).

He is also the co-owner of Exotic Pets Plus Veterinary Clinic (EPP Ltd), host at IBN Growing Trends weekly TV Agricultural program, and a National Agriculture Advisor for Couva Tabaquite Talparo Regional Corporation (CTTRC), an Agriculture lecturer for the Three R’s learning Center, a committee member for ISO TC 323 on Circular Economy, a committee member of the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (National MIRROR Committee), and the President of the Real Agriculture TT Farmers group.

He is currently a PhD candidate in Livestock Science at the UWI and serves as a mentor and lecturer at various international institutions and organisations.

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Small Commercial Animal Feed Pellet Making Machine

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  • Screenshot 2022 06 23 211731
  • Screenshot 2022 06 23 211712
  • Screenshot 2022 06 23 211650
  • Screenshot 2022 06 23 211632
  • Screenshot 2022 06 23 211539
  • Screenshot 2022 06 23 211519
  • Screenshot 2022 06 23 211456

Main performances and features
(1). Simple structure and wide applicability. Small cover and low noise
(2). With wheels , easy to move , suit for fish ,pig ,poultry and cattle.
(3) Power feed and grass power can be made into pellet with only some liquid. Therefore, the water containing rate of pellet feed is the same as before when it is made into the pellet, which means that it is more conductive to storing.
(4) Pellets made by this machine are with high hardness, smooth surface and full of internal curing, which can not only improve digestion and absorption of nutrition but also kill the general pathogenic microorganisms and parasites. They can be used for feeding rabbits, fish, ducks, cattle, sheep and pigs, which have a higher economic benefit compared with mixed power feed.


Agriculture in the formal education system

Riyadh incorporates agriculture into every aspect of his life and is an ambassador for sustainable circular food production and nutrition security.

At the age of 16, he developed his drive for excellence in Agriculture from his family legacy and subsistence gardening. In their research on the “likelihood of students in the formal education system in Trinidad to pursue agriculture as a profession and the implications for development”, indicated that prestigious schools, which at most times are state assisted schools, do not offer agriculture as a subject.

This lends to the perception that “agricultural education is for those students who are less academically inclined”. As a student of Iere High School, a prestigious secondary school in the South West Peninsula, Riyadh can identify with this.

However, this never affected his passion for the career which he now enjoys, so much so that he is willing to share his knowledge and expertise with anyone who is willing to listen.

Starting a kitchen garden at home

Core services offered by R and K Tropical Agriculture Production Ltd

1) Agricultural business plans development (livestock, crops, wildlife farming, integrated farming models, hydroponics, aquaponics)

2) Food production plans (livestock, crops, wildlife farming, integrated farming models, hydroponics, aquaponics)

3) Eco tourism designs and set ups

4) Wildlife conservation and production facilities

5) Veterinary services (house calls and clinic)

6) Scientific paper writing, media publications

7) Real estate services (buying and selling)

8) Lectures and training

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Small cold press machine oil extractor

Cold and hot pressing function, fit for more than 24 kinds of materials, such as cocoa, coconut, peanuts, sesame, walnut, rapeseed, sunflower, soybeans, castor beans, pumpkin seeds, corn, watermelon seeds, moringa seeds, pine nuts, hazelnut kernels, almonds etc.


Areas/topics of work

• Circular Economy Agricultural Principles 

• Triple Bottom Line Agricultural Models 

• Sustainable Food Production, Consumption and Nutrition Security

• Boosting Nature Positive Food Systems

• Food Supply Chain Logistics and Management

• Agribusiness Management

• Subsistence Agriculture and Rural Community Development 

• Hydroponics

• Aquaponics

ECO-WORTHY 1400W Solar Wind Power Kit

  • 81zUqiKNXqL. AC SL1500
  • Screenshot 2022 03 29 185324
  • 71y5FIQ yHL. AC SL1000
  • 61IJImtKVRL. AC SL1000
  • 71LTrX3lokS. AC SL1444
  • 61tFwABKzhL. AC SL1000
  • 614EM586LuS. AC SL1000
  • 71U04UilGL. AC SL1500
 400W Wind Turbine600W 12V800W 24V Complete1200W 24V Complete1400W 24V Complete
Daily output1.6KWh2.4KWh3.2KWh5KWh6KWh
Solar panel model100W Mono195W Mono100W Mono100W Mono
Number of Solar Panel22810
Pure Sine Wave Inverter1000 12V1500W 24V-110V1500W 24V-110V3500W 24V-110V
Battery2 pcs 100AH2 pcs 100AH2 pcs 100AH4 pcs 100AH
Price12V 500W US$499.8812V 600W US$598.5524V 800W US$799.9924V 1200W US$1,499.9924V 1400W US$2,199.99

Aquaponics systems made for organic food, less bills

• Short Food Crop Production

• Rabbit Production

• Sheep Production

• Goat (Meat and Milk) Production

• Duck (Meat, Eggs) Production

• Dairy Cattle Production

• Water Buffalo Production 

• Pig Production

• Beef Cattle Production

• Neo tropical Agriculture Production, Consumption, Utilisation and Education  

• Medium Term Crop Production

• Long Term Fruit Crop Production

Farmers’ Market at Queen’s Park Savannah

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Sweet TnT 100 West Indian Recipes

Sweet TnT 100 West Indian Recipes is your kitchen guide to cooking in the Caribbean. Add flavour to your pot and put a smile on everyone’s faces with the right amount of seasonings, spices and stories about the foods you prepare. This cookbook contains 100 tantalising recipes and full colour photographs of home-cooked meals, street foods, treats and drinks that are known in the West Indies for having particular names, ingredients and preparations.

• Integrated Farming Systems 

• Non-Conventional Feed resources for Livestock 

• Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture System Development

• Climate Smart Agriculture

• Water Conservation and Agriculture

• Local Economic Development

Users of agribusiness development and consultancy services

• Prospective farmers seeking information on agri-business 

• Individuals and or private farms 

• Cooperatives especially those in agribusiness sector 

• Commodity traders

• Exporters 

Belize exports to receive boost with new poultry disease regulations

• Local traders 

• Institutions 

• Universities 

• Training institutions 

• Agricultural institutions 

• Research institutions 

• Farmers support institutions 

• Schools and colleges

• Non-government organisation 

• Community based organisations 

• International and local NGOs in support of small agricultural cooperatives

• Government agencies 

• Ministries 

• Investors in agri-business

Caribbean coconut industry strengthened to compete in global market

AGM Glory G1S 07

AGM Glory G1S | Top Thermal Camera Resolution: 256 x 192 Frame Rate: 25 FPS | 5G Qualcomm Rugged Smartphone

  • Best Thermal Imagers among all Phones
  • 5G Ultra Fast Snapdragon 480
  • Sony 48MP Main Camera
  • IP68/IP69K/MIL-STD-810H
  • Support Dock Charging


Contact information

Address: Couva – #19 La Croix Street, Trinidad

Lead Consultant:

Phone – 1 868 307-5444 / 376-3957

Email –


Email –

Website –

Facebook –

Instagram –


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Order bulk Pre-packaged All-Purpose Flour 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg and 50kg bags

  • Screenshot 2022 06 22 101944
  • Screenshot 2022 06 22 102004
  • Screenshot 2022 06 22 102036
  • Screenshot 2022 06 22 102020
  • Screenshot 2022 06 22 102058


·        50kg, 25kg Polypropylene bags

TT$3,191.02 per ton


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