Terrarium TV alternatives now that it’s gone

What happened to Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV was one of the most popular streaming applications to date. Terrarium TV was used by both young as well as old to binge watch the latest series or take in the classics. It possessed a vast library of both movies and television series and with it’s easy-to-use interface made it popular with the masses.

Terrarium TV

If you recently tried to use Terrarium TV you would have noticed that it was rendered useless by its creator and you would have been met with the following message:

Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV

Here is a list of streaming apps that you can use as a replacement for Terrarium TV:

Warning: Some of these apps are not certified by the Google Play Store and as such you install them at your own risk. If you have used Terrarium TV then you would already be familiar with the risks associated with third party APKs.

Terrarium TV alternatives


It is speculated that this app has been developed by the same creator of Terrarium TV. The user interface and features do seem similar. It does feature a beta live TV feature that works well most times.

Download APK here https://teatv.net/


Watch and download your favorite movies and TV shows just like you did on Terrarium TV.

Download APK here https://showboxbuzz.com/showbox-apk-download


Movie Box App is available for iOS, PC and Android.

Save videos offline with this app that lets you download the content of your choice directly to your device. It’s useful during the times that you are on the move and do not have an active internet connection. You will never be bored in transport again.

Download APK here http://moviehdappdownload.com/download-moviebox-app-android-apk-ios-pc/


Popcorn Time is available for Android, iOS and Windows. It does not download the entire movie data, instead it downloads parts of it and saves it on the cache memory of the device which will get cleaned once you have turned off the device. This means no freezing or buffering, a clean streaming experience. It also allows you to cast from your smart phone to a smart TV or your existing Android box.

Download APK here https://popcorn-time.to/


Cartoon HD is a great app for streaming movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime and animated movies. It works well and has a simple user interface.

Download APK here http://cartoonhdapk.com/


Cinema Box HD is available for both Android and iOS. Along with online streaming, you can also download the TV shows and movies for offline viewing. There is a “kids mode” feature which you can use to restrict kids from watching sensitive content. Cinema Box is Chromecast and Apple TV ready.

Download APK here http://cinemaboxhd.com/


Watch and download your favorite movies and TV shows with MegaboxHD.

Download APK here https://megabox-hd.en.uptodown.com/android


Kodi is available for Android, iOS, Linux, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi, etc. When using Kodi you must be comfortable with the technical aspects of smart phones and apps because you have to install third party add-ons to watch the content. Once you installed the add-ons, you have all the entertainment of the world at your disposal.

Download APK here https://kodi.tv/

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