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Hivesource connects business owners

Hivesource is an award winning online services platform for businesses and freelancers where members can post, discover and collaborate on projects as well as sell digital services called Hivejobs between each other. Wesley Gervais, CEO, is a Computer Science graduate from the University of Hertfordshire who offers a service that connects businesses together.

He states, “Imagine yourself trying to start your own business. You may be thinking to yourself that you may not have the skill set required to develop marketing graphics, a website, a logo or even to manage your social media pages effectively.

“You know you won’t need to hire someone full-time for this, but you may be wondering where you can find people with these talents that can assist you when you need them. Well, there is somewhere you can go to find the talent you need and it’s the recently launched online platform called Hivesource on www.hivesource. me.

Hivesource is free to join

Hivesource is free to join and supports any service or activity which can be done online. This ranges from web development and graphics design to copywriting and voiceovers among many others. The platform features an area called the Apiary Workspace that allows buyers and sellers to chat as well as manage tasks, files and invoices relating to the work on which they are collaborating.

All payments can be made online through the platform, Wesley notes. He came up with the first iteration of Hivesource as part of his final year project. He was determined to create something that he could not only use to gain marks for his BSc but also something he can use as a framework to commercialise after graduating.

His experience as a part time freelancer implementing web technologies also helped him in getting a greater insight into the needs and challenges of businesses and other freelancers like himself. A year after graduating, he set out to make his goal a reality and in 2012 he was awarded an i2i Grant and in 2013, he won the Economic Entrepreneur Award in the Caribbean Innovation Challenge and the Louis Ferrandes Social Entrepreneur Award at the TIC Americas.

Hivesource as a catalyst

Following the competitions, Wesley continued working on improving the subsequent iterations of the platform along the way and was in public beta for a couple of months before releasing to the public in March 2016. He described the journey filled with ups and downs as learning valuable lessons along the way but maintained his determination towards bringing the platform to market.

Wesley described Hivesource as a platform that can become the catalyst for increasing diversification through innovation and entrepreneurship among individuals, given the challenging economic environment the country is currently facing.

Skilled persons can showcase talent

He believes that Hivesource can also help businesses in reducing costs through outsourcing many of their non-critical tasks. With the future of work changing, skilled persons now have a means to showcase their talent and businesses can leverage these talents without having to hire them full time. This will in turn give rise to more service provider based businesses.

Wesley states, “The next time you are looking for online talent, don’t just outsource it; Hivesource it. Visit Hivesource at to simplify the way you find work, find talent and collaborate online, from anywhere.”

April 2016 – Issue 21

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