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Tablet vs laptop – how to decide

By Kielon Hilaire. Everyone wants a device that is fast, powerful, portable and convenient. Then there is the old tablet vs laptop debate. These are the four essentials that should be the deciding factors as to whether you should buy a tablet or laptop:

Tablet vs Laptop – Speed and Power

A lot of times you would hear people say that their machine is really fast. Their definition of fast is probably based on their interpretation of it. Fast should be based on your machine’s ability to do whatever YOU would like it do. It must not slow you down.

The power of a machine is determined by its capability to complete tasks at ease. First, you need to determine what you would be doing on your device.

Choose a laptop for power if you are going to be using it for work, school, heavy graphics, or hardcore gaming.

Choose a tablet for speed if you are going to be using it for entertainment, internet browsing, editing photos and documents, reading, and listening to music.

Tablet vs Laptop – Portability

It goes without saying that the average tablet is generally more portable — very easy to carry around — in comparison to the average laptop. The average size of tablets range between 7 to 10 inches while the average size of laptops is between 11 to 17 inches. There is no competition here and the choice is as clear as day.

If you choose to have power and want a device that’s easy to tote, then you might need a very small laptop. It may not be as small as the tablet but it is an option.

Tablet vs Laptop – Convenience

Convenience is the aspect that many people overlook when buying either a tablet or a laptop. I’ve seen too many people rush out to buy devices that are powerful, fast or portable.

Then, they realise the battery constantly dies in 30 minutes, the camera has horrible quality, they can’t expand the hard drive space or memory, there’s no Bluetooth, USB or HDMI port, DVD drive, and has an Operating System (OS) they can’t live with. The most powerful device in the world is useless to you if it cannot satisfy your needs.

In a nutshell, laptops are usually bigger so they are generally built to facilitate more expansions and peripherals. They also tend to carry a more secure and heavyweight Operating System. This allows you to do things that a tablet with an “app based OS” will not allow you to do.

Nevertheless, there is one alternative to all of the above, providing you don’t mind a few exclusive caveats. You may purchase a hybrid — a 2-in-1 laptop. This is a device that is actually both a laptop and tablet in one. It offers you both the productivity features of a laptop and the entertainment features of a tablet.

Lately, some really great hybrids are being released that just might give you everything you ever dreamed of.

Finally, before purchasing either a tablet or a laptop, remember that no device should automatically be viewed as better than the other. They do have their weaknesses. Specs and real-life performances will likely tell the actual story. So happy choosing!

December 2016

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