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6 Best HEIC to JPG Converter for Windows and Mac

Why is it mostly professionals use an online HEIC to JPG converter to turn HEIC into JPG file format?

Yes, HEIC and JPG both are image file formats that are taken into account for certain purposes. When it comes to HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Codec), it works best for image compression and quality.

On the other hand, JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) raster image type that store digital photos by using different colour pixels. This regular image format is fully capable to compress images into smaller files, that’s why it becomes the popular format for web-designers over the years.

This is why mostly professionals use an online HEIC to JPG converter to turn HEIC into JPG file format. Well, if you also want to process with such conversions, here are some HEIC to JPG converter sources that work best on both Windows and Mac OS.

Why convert HEIC to JPG image format?

Although HEIC is a newer file format that was introduced by Apple in 2017, it is still tied only to the Apple ecosystem. This is the most obvious or discussed reason why HEIC photos are not very common on other devices.

However, you simply have to export HEIC as JPG to make your images more accessible. To do so, you can fetch best HEIC to JPG converter from theonlineconverter.com that lets you convert HEIC Apple photo to JPG without any quality loss.

Moreover, remember that JPG or JPEG images have a longer and strong history as compared to HEIC photos. And, the upside is that JPEGs are more compatible across OS, software, and devices.

It is referred to as the straightforward process to simply open and edit JPEG files almost anywhere – you can now process from Windows computers to Macs, Photoshop, Adobe, GIMP, and beyond.

Also, you simply have to make drag and drop into your modern web browsers to view JPEG graphics. You can even fetch Apple HEIC into JPG converter as it will let you make conversions with drag and drop feature.

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CoolUtils HEIC Converter

CoolUtils is the great version of HEIC converter that provides you with the high-quality conversions. Although it is an old-looking interface, it is still packed with different options such as image rotation, re-sizing, and more for free.

If you decide to proceed with batch conversions, you have to pay or simply stick with a subscription plan. Normally, it costs about $50, but don’t fret as it could be discounted from time to time.

iMobie Online HEIC to JPG Converter

Yes, iMobile is indicated as another giant in the industry of the software that is packed with a tonne of useful tools for device users. Quit worrying since HEIC converter interface comes with handling batches of photos without any problem.

Its online HEIC to JPG converter has a solid user rating average of 4.6 out of 5 and provided you with a feature like EXIF data, and even lets you choose output file format. Besides that, you could make image quality settings to attain optimal results.

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A Convert HEIC Converter Online

Now, you could easily process with conversions from an image URL with the natural assistance of this HECI file to JPG converter online. It lets you convert only one image at once, still there you encounter with different options such as size and format selection.

However, as it is freeware platform, it is loaded with advertisements, which may sometimes seem daunting. It is even indicated as an expert’s choice tool in order to set specific dimensions for converted files.


It is another online web-based programme that is packed with different HEIC conversion tools including best HEIC to JPG converter online. You just have to make a couple of hits to make JPG regular raster image file format from HEIC Apple Photos. Moreover, it is a 100% free platform, and if you want to save HEIC as PDF, it provides you with a separate converter to do so.

You are just required to add HEIC file into main interface of the tool and let it be done all in the matter of seconds. No sign up nor the registration process indulges you to export HEIC as JPG regular format.

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HEICtoJPG Online Converter

This is referred to as one of the stunning versions of HEIC to JPG converter sources. As its name depicts, it only allows you to proceed HEIC to conversions. Remember that this tool does not provide you with any advanced version features, but it lets you do batch conversions easily and conveniently. Quit worrying, you attain pretty good conversion speed, and even quality conversions.

Ezgif HEIC Converter

This is not an expert’s choice. HEIC batch conversion source still works if you want to transform just a couple of photos. Once you converted files with this HEIC to JPG converter, you are able to share them with non-iOS device users.

The upside is that its UI is very basic, which lets you make conversions in a matter of seconds. Keep in mind, one can be limited to 35MB for upload file size. Besides that, the conversion quality is considerably decent.

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There’s no doubt that there is a variety of HEIC to JPG converters that you can go with. Make a bit of research and choose the one that fits your needs. Good luck!


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