By Nerissa Hosein. Nur-E-Islam ECCE Center field trip to Valencia Nature Center and Heritage Park.
A preschooler of Nur-E-Islam ECCE Center follows the bigger siblings in the tree trunk climbing at the Valencia Nature Center and Heritage Park.

Field trip for preschoolers of Nur-E-Islam ECCE Center

By Nerissa Hosein. Many parents took time off from work and involved some older siblings to attend a field trip for their preschoolers of Nur-E-Islam ECCE Center to the Valencia Nature Center and Heritage Park, Trinidad.

The family excursion was a thrill for everyone as we were greeted by the beautiful sight of horses grazing in the nearby fields. One horse in particular was so close that the children were able to walk up and touch him.

The animals at the center were all mild mannered and gracious just as the hosts were with the children. They went into great detail about their animals and facilities making the field trip very educational.

Horseback rides with Sugars on the field trip

The children were treated to horseback rides on a lovely brown mare named Sugars. She was very beautiful and gracious. Even after the thirty-plus youngsters got rides, she didn’t seem the least bit agitated.

The children went to the petting zoo to see the sheep, goats and other animals. The field trip was a wonderful experience for the little ones to interact with the animals in their own setting.

Exploring the huge park

We then left our spacious huts and went to explore the huge park. The children excitedly climbed the hills, ran to the seesaw and swings and even threw rocks into the streams. They spent a few hours just exploring and I must say the park seemed never ending.

The people who went on the field trip filled three maxi-taxis plus a few private vehicles and still there was endless space for everyone to explore and relax.

Hike to waterfall on field trip

Then, there was a hike to a waterfall higher into the mountain areas of the park and there were families who had the energy to do it all. I didn’t go, but I will visit again and take that trip.

The children didn’t want to leave

The park was so beautiful, my children did not want to leave. Even with a day as hot as it was, it was still cool because of all the greenery surrounding us. On that memorable field trip, parents didn’t just take time off from work for their preschoolers, the family outing was a break from the stresses and technological confines of the day.

April 2018

Outdoor learning for children and the family


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