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A rustic family adventure to Matelot!

By Nerissa Hosein. This year my family decided to take a vacation down to Bacasa Beach House in Matelot. I had really never been down on that side of the island so it was an adventure. The drive to the beach house was almost four hours from our home in San Juan. I must say the scenery was gorgeous. It fascinates me how different the air is once you get away from civilisation and start really heading back into nature. It was a welcomed change. The views were beautiful passing through Toco, Salybia and Shark River. We stopped a couple times to take in the beauty.

When you live in the smog and the noise, you really learn to appreciate the quiet serenity that is nature. It was a wonderful feeling.

On arriving at our destination it was a bit surprising. The house was a little more rustic than we first thought. But it had an amazing pool, was clean and a great view of the ocean so we were happy. We cooked, unpacked and then all jumped into the pool. It was so refreshing. I knew it was going to be a great week!

Matelot at night

The night however was a bit more rustic than us city people were used to. Because of the open nature of the house we found ourselves sharing the living room with a number of flying and crawling visitors. We had a good laugh though at the kids running from grasshoppers and moths! Then the current went! Not so much fun anymore! I, being the paranoid one in the group, was a bit unnerved by this development, especially when I could swear I felt something crawl up my leg! Yikes!

So our first night in Matelot was spent by the fire side, yes there was a fire side! We kept each other’s company and hoped for the current to return. It did return, the next day.

So after that our Matelot vacation continued along without too many bumps. We cooked, we swam, we walked down to the beach and even did some fishing. The area was so quiet and peaceful. Our nights were spent playing cards and other games, watching the bugs and other creatures trying to avoid us invading humans.

It was certainly not the vacation for the faint of heart! No air condition, no television and not much between us and nature. But my kids thought it was such an awesome adventure! The pool was breathtaking and kid friendly so what else could they need right?

I think it was just what we needed. No video games, no distractions, it was such a slow pace from all the stress our regular life contains. It reminded me of my childhood and I was glad my kids got to experience a week without technology and play board games and cards like what we used to do before they invented PlayStation and Wii.

All in all it was a great week with family, quality time and a swimming pool! I could not ask for more!

October 2014 – Issue 12

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