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Easter weekend activities for the family

By Nerissa Hosein. As the Easter weekend approaches many of us may be wondering what to do to keep the kids occupied. If you’re a work-at-home mom like me and you don’t want to send them to a costly Easter camp but you want them to have fun you may be at a loss!

Easter vacation is only two short weeks, I want my kids to enjoy themselves and not spend their days cooped up inside in front of the television so I came up with a few activities that they can do at home with me, have fun and it won’t cost me my entire pay check!


Every year my husband and I hide some Easter eggs around the house for our two sons to find them. They have tons of fun, not only doing this but prepping for it. We have to stuff the eggs first (you can use baby marshmallows, Charles chocolates and nuts). The kids love doing that.

Then we can decorate the eggs, that’s always a ton of fun. Then on Good Friday when the kids wake up, the hunt is on!


Invest in a kid’s pool. Kids’ pools are relatively cheap these days. Many variety stores carry them and you can get a nice size for a couple kids for under $400.

It’s a nice investment, it beats the heat, kids love the water and it keeps them active and away from the television and video games!


Spending time with young minds and helping them nurture their craft is an amazing thing. My seven-year-old recently picked up the art of origami.

He can sit now for hours and make animals, mobiles, and so many other things. It keeps the brain sharp and building their imagination is priceless.


For the parents who are working and don’t get time to spend lots of time home, why not take one day and make it an outdoor fun time.

Many new outdoor activities are reasonable these days. Why not hop on down to IJUMP or take them to the new Zipitt, Zip lining for kids? Or check out some of our local estates like La Vega?


Don’t forget the kite flying fun on Easter weekend at the savannah. All kids love it! Make a family day of it, educate your kids on our country and its traditions and have fun while doing it. Most of these activities are relatively reasonable and offer a ton of fun.

As a parent, I find spending time with my kids to be priceless. It scares me how fast time can go by sometimes. They grow up way too fast and with the world these days I think the kids of tomorrow can benefit more from quality time, sports and family togetherness.

So Happy Easter to one and all, let’s all spend time with our kids these next couple of weeks and enjoy their childhood before it flies by!

April 2015 – Issue 15     www.sweettntmagazine.com

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