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La Caille designs for the children

My name is Terrence La Caille. While growing up, my desire to design and create my own children’s Carnival band was my biggest dream. In 2012, to further my creative desire, I approached veteran wire bender Stephen Derrick to teach, guide and provide me with the skills needed to professionally produce my costumes to which he happily obliged.

I took my first step in pursuit of my dream by designing and creating a Queen’s costume for two consecutive years for Personal Student Learning Unit (PSLU) a community oriented school. The school was celebrating their anniversary over the period depicting “Joy” and “Peace” respectively which highlighted the goals of the school within the community. This was an auspicious moment for them more so as the celebration was highlighted in the media.

First La Caille children‘s band

With my passion for creating and drive towards achieving my goal I have successfully registered my first children’s band “La ta Caille Kidz”. The band had its first launch at the Cascadia Hotel on July 6, 2014 which was profiled in the Sunday Express on July 13.

My choice to design for children stems from my dream of seeing young children come alive with the joy of knowing that they are participating in what is considered the greatest show on earth. Our children are the instruments and future of this country and as such we need to expose them to acknowledge, not only of our country’s history but world-wide history and other enlightening topics. Through this experience and art form we would, hopefully, be able to keep them involved in the creativity of our Carnival.

See album Red Runway 2015 for more of Terrence La Caille’s work.

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