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Boat cruise party vibes in T&T

By Annisa Phillip. Partying on a boat has become quite popular in sweet T&T leading to a cruise craze. Granted leaving land and stepping onto a boat may not be favoured by many who have a sea phobia or those who suffer from severe motion sickness for the sake of a party, a boat cruise “vibes!” In actuality, when you are thoroughly enjoying yourself you tend to not realise you’re moving.

Epic boat cruise ride

My epic experience was with a group of friends on the First Lady for the cooler edition of Insanity. When I say epic, I mean epic to the point where most of us were dripping in the air conditioned room. Armed with the glow bands and jello shots we received upon entering the dock – and the cooler of course – we readied ourselves for a night of palance.

First thing first, we found our spot and marked the territory with the cooler and a couple “guards”, then we went on a mission for food. We trekked to the dining area and satisfied stomachs while chatting, preparing ourselves for the ensuing action.

Freedom-filled and worry-free night

A little later as the boat started sailing, we started partying. From singles who coupled off to couples who took a wine on someone else and that one friend who had to wine on everyone. The night was freedom-filled and worry-free creating a casual atmosphere ripe for disregarding the concerns of the previous week.

Take a few hours and leave land for a while, float, party on a boat.

October 2014 – Issue 12

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