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Sweet, salt or sour snacks in Valencia

By Kielon Hilaire. I was on my merry way, traversing the Valencia main, when I saw all the colourful items inside the glass bottles on the shop-table and thought, ooooooo, candy! Then I saw Amy, the shopkeeper, and told myself, STOP! I have to find out more… about the food, that is. One thing you don’t see in T&T as often as before is a parlour (better known by locals as a miniature grocery or snack-shop filled with every taste imaginable sweet, salt, or sour).

Most parlours are usually known to vend the basic household items as well as a couple snacks. Amy’s shop, however, takes a slightly different approach: throw out the bread and butter, who needs those things? Why not sell rare Caribbean treats that can satisfy the greatest sweet, sour, salty, spicy, and even bitter cravings? Mango chow (made by Amy herself), salted-prunes, “Chinee” mango, sunflower bars, nut-cakes, black prunes, ginseng sweets … and the list can go on.

Does your mouth crave sweet, salt or sour?

I happened to try a few of her products and I must say that the green mango delicacy should please the pickiest of chow lovers — it has the standard zing of pepper and everything. If you are in the mood for something more on the strange side, the ginseng sweetie is definitely worth a try; it gets extra points for having an unsmooth texture that is undeniably unique.

Amy’s parlour has so much to choose from that it is almost impossible that you won’t find yourself coming back for more, especially since it’s likely that you would not be able to try all her goods in one sitting. She even has those yummy gummy bears that everyone seems to like. In the mood for ice prunes? She has these, too; these are the white, frosty-looking ones that look like giant raisins and initially feel like powder as they enter your mouth. They quickly gush out a blast of intense sweetness the more you suck on them.

Conversely, if you scan Amy’s table well enough, you’ll find that she also carries some extra condiments that would spruce up a variety of other foods. Be it bottles of naturally produced honey, hot pepper sauce or pickles, you’re certain to find something to flavour your tongue no matter what frame of mouth you’re in!

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