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Product photography: Emerging trends and technologies to watch out for

A captivating image is more important than ever when it comes to product photography. If the product appears dull and lifeless, then the consumer will just scroll past it and on to the next one. Or on to your competitors.

With the increasing demand for product photography on e-commerce websites, social media platforms, and other digital avenues, photographers need to stay ahead of the competition to create visuals that stand out.

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We’ll explore some of the most exciting emerging trends and technologies in the world of photography that are changing the game and revolutionising the way that we showcase products online.

A minimalist approach

Minimalism has become increasingly popular amongst product photographers. This style is all about stripping the product down to its most sophisticated essence. These photos cut through the clutter with clean lines and empty spaces.

Minimalism highlights the product without taking attention away from its features. Simple and neutral backgrounds are commonplace with minimalism, such as gray, black, or white. Photographers don’t use too many props, always keeping the focus on the product.

This approach doesn’t have to go against creating an intense design. However, it does mean that you have to carefully place every part of the image to create contrasts and a minimal look and feel.

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A minimalist approach to product photography helps photographers to create aesthetically pleasing images that also highlight the product.

360-degree photos

This type of product photography has become popular across social media platforms and has been integrated into many e-commerce websites.

360-degree product photography captures product images from multiple angles. This offers customers a more realistic and comprehensive view of the products and gives them a real feel of what they’re buying. The images are also more engaging and dynamic than traditional product photos.

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As this technology becomes accessible and affordable, we can expect to see more 360-degree photography on a growing number of e-commerce websites. It’s a trend that looks like it’s here to stay for the long term.

AI-assisted photography

AI has come a long way in recent years. Using machine learning algorithms, cameras can use AI for facial recognition software that can recognise specific product features. This will result in the perfect shot every time, leaving behind high-quality images that are optimal for online use.

AI is also suitable for touching up your product images in post-production. AI indicators can improve the quality of your photos up to eight times. It can also remove noise, detect sharpness, improve colour and contrast, and remove backgrounds. This takes a lot of the heavy lifting off your shoulders and accelerates the basic and boring tasks in the post-production process.

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DSLR is the new niche

The once-popular DSLR camera has been losing its clout in recent years. Smartphones are taking over. While their cameras may at first have been of low quality, they have steadily been improving.

This means that many smartphones and mobile devices offer a photo quality that is the same, if not better, than even high-end DSLR cameras. They also come with the added benefit of being cheaper and easier to transport.

While DSLR cameras are certainly not going away, they are becoming more of a backup than a first choice in the face of more versatile counterparts.

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Augmented reality product photography

Augmented reality (AR) technology has become increasingly accessible.

Using AR in product photography can allow customers to virtually try on or place products. They can view the products in real time using their smartphones or other mobile devices.

This brings simple product photos to life in new ways, breaking the barrier to purchase as customers can see what the product would look like in their own homes, for instance. This is great for products that are usually more difficult to demonstrate physically, like furniture.

AR product photography leads to higher engagement rates on an e-commerce website, as the shopping experience becomes more immersive. 

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Products in action

Photographers are moving away from shooting their products through static shots against a white background.

Lifestyle product photography showcases products in real-life use scenarios. This gives customers a more accurate way of imagining themselves using the product. It has thus become a popular shooting method in product photography.

They’re often shot in natural settings that are true to the context of the product, such as the outdoors or in the home. It makes it easier for customers to connect with a product when it’s captured in a realistic setting. It’s a more relatable way of shooting products and shows customers how they will fit into their lifestyles.

Taking photos of products in motion has also become popular. Adding movement to an image immediately makes it more visually appealing and engaging. Product photographers do this by creating the illusion of action.

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Bird’s eye view photography

Taking product photos from a bird’s eye view has been gaining traction amongst product photographers lately.

Using colours, props, and textures, photographers create interesting compositions and unique high resolution photos that stand out from the crowd.

This is useful for products that have a complex design or colour scheme since it lets customers view the details and features of the product in full.

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Raw images

In this digital age, consumers are increasingly on the lookout for authenticity and transparency in what they see online. This means that most consumers are shying away from product photos that are obviously manipulated.

This has seen professional product photographers using less Photoshop and other editing software in favour of more simplistic editing. It also means that they have had to put more time and effort into ensuring that they get the shot right in the session itself.

Product videos

Images are still the predominant way of showcasing products, however, there has been a growing trend toward the use of videos.

Product videos give customers a better indication of the size, scale, and movement of the product. This is useful for complex products that require demonstration for their functions to be fully understood.

It’s predicted that videos will become the next best thing in product photography strategies since customers pay more attention to videos than static images.

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Shooting for the future

Product photography is ever-changing and always evolving. As tech advances, new and exciting ways to showcase products emerge and every brand that wants to remain competitive needs to capitalise on this.

Product photography can make or break a brand. Like everything in marketing, staying on trend is crucial to staying on top.


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