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Roti shops the life savers for curry

“Hurry, hurry, come for curry,” said calypsonians Dave “Booker” Martin and Byron Lee and The Dragonaires in their old school hits. Every Divali, the lines at roti shops overflow onto the pavements of Trinidad and Tobago. At Hosein’s Roti Shop on Independence Square in Port of Spain you can see hungry customers securing their spots just to reach the cashier.

Dhalpuri and buss up shot at roti shops

People want to pay for their dhalpuri or buss up shot specials inclusive of channa and potato, pumpkin, bodi, bhaji, curried mango, and chutney which may be completed with either curried chicken, beef, shrimp, or goat. Chan’s Roti Shop is located on First Street in Arouca and provides the neighbourhood with the curried delicacies loved by so many Trinbagonians. While many cooks are preparing a large spread for their families, many people are thankful for roti shops to save the day. That means curry for everybody on Divali!

Curry duck, yummy! The complete recipe - Sweet TnT Magazine

Dockers Crew chef cooks up a storm at Iron Pot Curry Duck Cookout in south Trinidad. A young lady at the event enjoys the delicious "curry duck" that Trinbagonians can't resist. The curried duck is usually full of salty and spicy flavours that make eaters crave for more.

20 best selling laptops on AMAZON 2020

Laptops are the #1 sought after item for 2020. With social distancing in effect all around the world, laptops give us the opportunity to keep in touch and conduct almost every aspect of our daily lives from the comfort of our own home.

AMD processors: Faster gaming, launch promising

By Darius Soyer. These new processors have 5900X being up to 50 percent faster than the 3900XT in gaming performance... AMD has reportedly sent out a guideline document to sellers/retailers (see below). It shows that AMD is trying to make this launch successful.

Study Zone Institute - We care for all learners

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Tourism Trinidad Limited (TTL) spearheaded last week an expansive COVID-19 virtual training program, in collaboration with the Caribbean Regional Public Health Agency (CARPHA), to train a diverse range of Trinidad's tourism stakeholders at no cost to participants. Upon successful completion of the COVID-19 sensitization sessions, participants will be presented with a Certificate Completion.

Fashion designs by Dressed Up Goes Virtual

Trinidadian-born entrepreneur and fashionista Diane Wiltshire, known as 'Fury' spearheads the Dressed Up brand and genuinely takes pride in delivering an extraordinary and personal experience. In true Caribbean fashion, she is passionate about meeting and mingling with her esteemed clientele and was originally resistant to the idea of adding a digital adaptation of her shoppe, hesitant about its ability to support her vision for the brand of the business.

Roti shops, Roti shops, Roti shops

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