Save while Christmas shopping on a tight budget

By Nerissa Hosein. Christmas is right around the corner and many of us are working with a tight budget. While we would like to save our money, we also want to make the most of Christmas, especially for our little ones, so here are a few tips to help us get the gifts we want and not break the bank while doing so.

Save with Layaway

Layaway is one of the best ways to get good presents at affordable prices. Lots of stores do it and it makes life a lot easier when it comes to not straining your pockets. For me, there is a toy store in my area that offers the service, so I start around September/October and pick out the items I want and pay down on it. By December, I have everything I need and did not have to spend all that cash at once. It’s a great option to save.

Look for sales

Once you have the cash available, look for sales whenever there is a public holiday and get your items. Don’t wait until the last minute to organise curtains for the house, most of the sellers would like to sell out what they have to make room for new items. You can get some items at half price and when you save the cash it will go a long way!

Online bargains

For those of us who shop online, a few months before Christmas is the best time to get those online deals, especially on clothing. Superstores have really affordable prices as they’re selling out their summer stock to make room for the next season. I get all my kids’ favourite character clothes and much more for prices starting as low as $2US. It’s another good way to save some cash.

Budget for spending

Many of us have forgotten how to budget, but it really is necessary when you’re funds are tight. Know where your priorities lie and work within your means to get the things you want.

A great season and New Year

When you follow these tips, a great season lies ahead and you would start 2018 on a more positive note. You should continue to practice this throughout the year. As parents, we want to see our children’s smiles light up as they always do for Christmas. Me, I’ve started to put my plans into motion so I’ll be ready when that Ole Saint Nick passes through!

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