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Phones and tablets under the tree

All I want for Christmas is… a brand new phone and tablet! While spending time with family and friends, the youth of today are busy staring at their phones and tablets. They are watching, liking, sharing, uploading, and commenting on photos, videos, statuses, and listening to and downloading new songs.

Phones and tablets not bicycles and skateboards

What a joy it would be to look under the Christmas tree and unwrap gifts containing the latest phones and tablets that recently hit distribution stores in Trinidad and Tobago. Those lucky young people would be able to browse the internet faster, store more data, see images and videos clearer, and most importantly of all, show off their latest devices to all their friends who are still rocking the old versions of these phones and tablets.

Who wants a new bike for Christmas? You can’t ride and text at the same time. A Segway hoverboard might be better, being a fancy self-balancing skateboard, but wait, that’s about $6,000 in T&T, so no way you can ask Mummy or Daddy for that. Same thing goes for a drone with a built-in camera, too expensive.

Clothes, jewelry, books and games

How about a new computer? A desktop is too obzocky and complicated with wires to move around and a laptop just cannot fit in the back pocket of a pair of skinny jeans.

Phones and tablets are in their faces, hands, pockets, by their ear, between their pants’ waists and the females’ bosoms and bra straps. What else to put under the tree? Maybe clothes, jewelry, books and games might be a good idea, but it seems like the first choice for the youth are new phones and tablets.

December 2015 – Issue 19     www.sweettntmagazine.com

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