Corto Olive Oil

Corto Agrumato-method olive oil available for every kitchen

Corto has been producing the freshest, 100% California olive oil since 2005. The company launched its Harvest 2022, limited-edition Agrumato-Method olive oils in September 2022.

The 2022 Corto Agrumato-Method Box Set is available for purchase at for $70 and includes one 500mL bottle each of Corto’s newest variety, Yuzu Citrus, alongside last year’s sold-out, award-winning variety, Calabrian Chili.

Corto Olive Oil

These two varieties provide a full spectrum of flavours — from light and bright to deep and full-bodied — perfect for home cooks and professional chefs alike. Visit Corto’s website to find recipes and serving inspiration.

Ideal for gifting and drizzling on favourite dishes

Inspired by the Corto family’s Nonno Amerigo’s childhood memories of olive harvesting in Italy, this special, limited-edition Harvest 2022 oil is crafted with the Agrumato method by crushing and cold-extracting the Fall Harvested olives simultaneously with fresh seasonal ingredients to produce a sensational flavour experience.

Ideal for gifting and drizzling on favourite dishes for the holidays and all year long, each bottle features an illustrated label by Italian artist Irene Laschi, who specialises in botanical drawings.

“Holidays are just a little bit better when they have a bit of luxury, whether that’s a new, cozy pair of PJs or a bottle (or two) of Corto’s Agrumato-Method Yuzu Citrus Olive Oil with which everything should be drizzled,” said Chef Christian Reynoso.

Corto Olive Oil

Corto works closely with California specialty farmers to source the freshest seasonal ingredients that result in complex flavour profiles, perfect for professional and home kitchens. The Agrumato-Method Calabrian Chili Olive Oil features organic, heirloom Calabrian chilies from Longer Table Farm in Sonoma County, California.

Working closely with their farmers, who plant over 50 varieties of pepper seeds each year from the Caribbean, Italy, Hungary, France, Peru, and Mexico, Corto can achieve the perfect balance of heat and depth of flavour.

Additionally, Corto collaborated with Pearson Ranch, a family-run farm, famous for its oranges and online supplier of the finest specialty citrus since 1998, to develop its newest creation, the Agrumato-Method Yuzu Citrus Olive Oils.

Freshest possible olive oil in the kitchen

“Agrumato is a far cry from the infused oils most consumers are familiar with. In addition to capturing the full depth of flavour of the produce, our Agrumato-method oil — like all of Corto’s oils — is exceptionally fresh,” explained Corto Master Miller David Garci-Aguirre.

“We harvest, mill and bottle our Agrumato-method oil within a week, starting in October when produce and olives achieve perfect ripeness. Just a few weeks later, our customers are able to enjoy the freshest possible oil in their kitchens.”

Available for the first time last year, Corto’s Agrumato-Method oils have already impressed the industry, garnering multiple top awards:

Gold – Best of Show, California Mid-State Fair 2021

Gold – Grand Prestige, Terraolivo 2021

Gold – Olive Japan 2021

Corto Olive Oil

Like all Corto olive oils, this superior method is rooted in the company’s Italian heritage and inspired by innovation. Committed to its values of transparency and quality, Corto has been producing the freshest, 100% California olive oil since 2005.

Made from beautifully fresh olives grown in California groves, Corto’s Master Miller expertly blends its Extra Virgin Olive Oil to achieve a stunningly bright flavour profile that professional chefs have relied on for years to enhance their favourite dishes.

Corto believes that the best olive oil is fresh, but 70% of the olive oil commercially available in retail outlets is harvested from overripe/rotten fruit that has fallen to the ground. Corto uses over-the-row harvesters to gently pick olives off the branches at peak freshness and is dedicated to freshness from grove to plate.

The fruit is then cold-extracted in Corto’s state-of-the-art mill within hours and stored in a climate-controlled cellar until a customer order is processed. Only then is the oil packaged directly from the cellar into Corto’s FlavorLock boxes and dark-glass bottles, further ensuring freshness and minimising exposure to the harmful effects of light, heat, and air. The result is some of the freshest, most flavourful oil possible.

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About Corto Olive Co.

Rooted in its Italian heritage, inspired by innovation and committed to its values of transparency and quality, Corto has been producing the highest quality, freshest, 100% California olive oil since 2005. Made from beautifully fresh olives grown in California groves, the oil is expertly blended by Corto’s Master Miller to achieve a stunningly bright flavour profile that professional chefs have relied on for over a decade to enhance their favourite dishes.

Corto currently offers consumers two award-winning oil varieties to fit every type of cooking: TRULY® 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and La Padella® SautĂ© Oil, a blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, rice bran, avocado, and grapeseed oils crafted specifically for high-performance sautĂ©ing.

Contact: Corto PR
Molly Antos
T: (847) 848-2090

– Globe Newswire, LODI, Calif


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