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Small advertisers, protect your ads from fake clicks with Polygraph

Polygraph offers small advertisers “no cost” click fraud detection and prevention, so that they can protect their online advertisements from click fraud.

“We are offering our click fraud detection and prevention service free of charge to advertisers who receive up to 500 ad clicks every month,” said Trey Vanes, Polygraph’s head of marketing.

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“Small advertisers will see who’s generating fake clicks on their ads, how they’re doing it, and how to prevent it.”

Small advertisers have two options when traffic exceeds 500 clicks

Vanes says advertisers will not be charged if their advertising traffic exceeds 500 clicks per month.

“Advertisers have two options if their advertising traffic exceeds 500 ad clicks every month,” said Vanes.

“Polygraph can either ignore the excess clicks, in other words, they won’t be checked for fraud, or advertisers can upgrade their accounts to one of our paid packages, which starts at $50 per month for unlimited websites.”

According to Vanes, everyone who advertises online needs to use a click fraud detection and prevention service.

“We see a lot of click fraud on the various ad networks,” said Vanes. “A major ad network appears to be doing no click fraud detection at all, which means it’s a free-for-all for scammers who want to steal money from advertisers.”

“It’s important you protect yourself, and don’t rely on the ad networks to do it for you, as they earn money from every click, real or fake,” added Vanes.

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Polygraph helps keep ad campaigns free of fake clicks

Polygraph uses cutting-edge technology to detect click fraud, so advertisers can quantify how much money is being stolen. Additionally, Polygraph provides details of every fake click, so it is easy to see who is generating the fake clicks on your ads, and how they are doing it.

Advertisers can prevent click fraud by removing at risk keywords from their advertising campaigns, and block click fraud websites from being able to display or click on their advertisements.

“Polygraph makes it easy to stop click fraud,” said Vanes. “We deal with the reality of the problem, and don’t waste your time on click fraud detection gimmicks.

“We’ll help you keep your ad campaigns free of fake clicks, ranging from retargeting click fraud to the scams being operated by sophisticated click fraud gangs.”

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About Polygraph

Established in Berlin, Germany in 2021, Polygraph monitors the activities of click fraud gangs, including how they operate, who they target, the techniques they use, and how to detect their fraud. We go far beyond bot detection to ensure your ad budget is not stolen by cyber-criminals.

Contact details:

114A Friedrichstrasse Berlin, BE 10117 Germany

Trey Vanes, Polygraph
+49 (030) 2204 4851

– Globe Newswire, Berlin


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